Sunday, December 21, 2008

Been Around The World and Ai Yai Yai!

Thanks Calvin for the pointers.

My mother tells me a lot of things, which I seldom take a listen to tee he he he. But out of all the things she imparts, there's one that embraces me strongly. I live by those words, ones I tightly grapple on to when things swerve to undesirable directions. The same words I take when I rest my head at night and the exact one I wake up to before I start my day. I believe by adhering to those words, dreams somehow do come true. I just have to be steadfast in my goals and be consistent in my missions. Her words are uncomplicated. They are as lucid as the complexion of babies, as gentle as the breeze in their hair and as effortless as the patter of their feet. (I so want a baby!!!!!)

My mother lives by the words that her late father left her and that granted her almost all the dreams she has ever sown. Dreams, made of colourful destinations materialized with the simple reliance on those words, strong belief and lots of Du'as. Nothing is tagged as impossible folks, if you believe and visualize it constantly and vehemently.

As far as my journey has pathed, I have travelled far ... metaphorically. I get to do cakes for people of different countries and whilst at that I often imagine my presence gracing that country one day. It keeps the spring in my steps especially after googling how enchanting certain places are. And where has this spatula flown me to this week?

Japan, New York, Vietnam, KL and next week Holland. Watch out Z!

I have never been to any of the above countries and as my mother would tirelessly remind her children ...

"...keep wishing!" and that has made all my journeys come true.

Thank You Liyana!

Thank You Sandra and Denso!

Thank You Sonia and Sonia's Parents!

Thank You Zairin!

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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

Your mother is a wise woman and i strongly believe that dreams are the seeds of reality. You have been to europe, new zealand, makkah and believe me one day you'll be going to more places giving presentations on cake decorating! So dream big girl and of course with efforts and doa!

your cakes - they are getting marvelous by the day and you know that you will receive loads of honest comments from me if i feel that there is a room for improvement. and wiz i do hope that you bare with me as i am your no.1 fan and also your no.1 critics too. My heart is bursting with pride to see all your achievements.

And i am wishing that heavenly gift too wiz - a baby to complete my life.

Love you very much my dearest friend

Min said...

I remember this cake.. hehehe. Nice Wiz, you are very talented. Hope to bump into you again :) .

Wiz said...

Dearest Salina - Your words have always kept me sane. You are that letter in an envelope which I always open again and again just for comfort and reassurance. Thanks for leaving a trace after a long silence. Appreciate it.

Min - Yup, now you believe it's me? You looked a bit doubtful the other day he he he. I would too if I were you. Didn't mean to pounce on you like that, it's just that I like to surprise people. Hope to bump into you again too.