Saturday, November 15, 2008

...been raining.

The sun has slid into the pillows of puffy clouds above, straining the rays from piercing through. The days of late have been dimmed to minimal sunlight turning all the cake pictures captured, a bit dark and bluey. Fortunately, the gloomy days didn't taint this frail spirit of mine. I was kept busy all days of the week delivering cakes from one end to another. In between everything, I had to attend a seminar in PJ, bake some cakes for my doctor(thanks Kubad), attend my son's and daughter's prize giving ceremony, meet up with my future employer and right now, I'm packing my bags to head up north to Ipoh. Will tell you more about a little of each next time folks.

I leave you with some pictures of this week's cakes. Thanks so much to all who have ordered.

Thanks Julie
Thanks Kak Faridah
Thanks Sonia
Thanks Julie
Thanks Rashidah
Thanks Alia
Thanks Engku Azam

My thanks also go to Azenita, Anne and Kubad for your orders. I haven't got the pictures of your cakes here due to the bad shots of the photographs.

Keep those umbrellas by your side, sometimes it pours.

3 treats:

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dear wiz, the words, FUTURE EMPLOYER screams out at me in your entry! Do tell = ) I am curious, hope its a sweet deal! I start working again this Monday, abit nervous, abit excited but feels good to be back as a working mum!

domestic engineer said...

The cake pics are also affected by the weather huh. It also rained here last night, the first time ever since I came. Feel so good, rindu with the 'smell' of the rain. Wonder if I will see/smell rain again this winter.

Wiz said...

Mush - It is still under negotiation and discussion. But I am excited more than anything. All the best for your new job. It will be more hectic for you now. Take care k.

Ziela - Yes the pictures will not turn out as nice, especially because my camera ni murah je, it doesnt capture that much light even with the flash on. So nak tangkap gambar kena ada sunlight baru cantik. I love the rain too. Sana hujan sejuk tak?