Sunday, November 30, 2008

All This Time

Casting everything aside, I trudged to the front of the computer uploading cake pictures which I have promised customers to feature. It has been too long. The camera begged to be emptied, pictures were exploding to the brim. Challenged with extremely limited memory, spaces needed to be cleared to make way for more photos. I had lots to take and each shot narrates its own caption. The "lots" however has nothing to do with cakes.

But for now, only pictures of cakes I have to offer. No stories, no tales, not yet. There are just cakes that have been keeping me busy for ...all this time.

Thanks Wai Quan!

Thanks Lisa!

Thanks Khairiah!

Thanks Marina!

Thanks Firdaus!

Thanks Azilah!

Thanks Haidan for hundreds and hundreds of these. Make sure next time you give me more than 48 hours alright.

4 treats:

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Dear Wiz, I love this number by Tiffany, thx for sharing, it brings back many memories from my teenage years ; ) I hope someday, there will be a picture of a box of cupcakes i ordered too = ) heheheh

DaNaSh said...

salam's okay if you have got no tales to tell for these pictures are enough to entice me......

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wiz, how are you? Your family all doing well?
Wow! I love your sure one talented lady.
Sua nak chari a good womwn not only excelling in her cooking, but baking finger lickin cakes.

I dapat the cake scent here and sniffed my way over, ha ha.
Hope this finds you well Wiz. You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

Wiz said...

Mush - Someday, it won't only be a picture of the cake you ordered. There will be pictures of us eating the cakes together. Howzat?

Danash - Computer wa rosak la naza. Crash boom bang. Dia boleh pakai kejap2 je. Sat boleh on, sat lagi tak leh plak. Lepas upload gambar dia kong balik. Dah tulih teruk2 pastu mcm hilang begitu saja. Maleh eh.

Uncle Lee - How are you Uncle? What songs have you been strumming your readers off late. I'm sure it has been those classic romantic songs all the way, so you, so merdu.