Sunday, November 30, 2008

All This Time

Casting everything aside, I trudged to the front of the computer uploading cake pictures which I have promised customers to feature. It has been too long. The camera begged to be emptied, pictures were exploding to the brim. Challenged with extremely limited memory, spaces needed to be cleared to make way for more photos. I had lots to take and each shot narrates its own caption. The "lots" however has nothing to do with cakes.

But for now, only pictures of cakes I have to offer. No stories, no tales, not yet. There are just cakes that have been keeping me busy for ...all this time.

Thanks Wai Quan!

Thanks Lisa!

Thanks Khairiah!

Thanks Marina!

Thanks Firdaus!

Thanks Azilah!

Thanks Haidan for hundreds and hundreds of these. Make sure next time you give me more than 48 hours alright.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Sleeping" Thru My Fingers

It wasn't a complicated plan nor was it an intricate idea to understand. It was plain simple and straight forward. I had to relent...again to let go. Little voices have been ringing in my head asking for permission to spend the holidays elsewhere on their own without me for a week or so. These little voices have promised to behave, to be good with their cousins, never are to fight or quarrel at any given day. They even packed their own bags without any parental guidance on what to bring, solid in their intentions of making it on their own, living their hopes to spend the holidays with their grandparents. This would be the first of the firsts. I have never been away from my son ever since he was born, hence the apprehension.

The morning after before the departure they lined up their bags in a row for mama's inspection. My heart just sank when I discovered some of the must have items in their respective bags. Apart from the toiletries, cards, toys and books there were photo frames of our pictures tucked amongst all of the above. On the side pockets were my pyjama pants, one each for them to sleep with at night. The clothes were nicely paired together, the undies folded in a fist just like I do them. I chocked for a while, not out of overwhelming emotions but out of guilt. Initially, the bags which I was about to seize came with my ill thoughts of them not meeting with the requirements. I readied myself to be angered with the stashed up bajus, the missing pair of pyjamas, the absent of their toothbrushes, the inappropriate folding of their clothes. Instead all I could find was the opposite of what I had pictured in mind. Everything was in place, in order. The only thing unruly that day was my heart.

I wasn't ready to see them off, even for just a little while at my own parents' house. Call me over protective, paranoid, emotional, call me anything, I am indeed all those. Perhaps, I was afraid of me missing them more than they would me. Perhaps it is me who needs them more than they need me.

It has been 2 days now, yes, just two days of complete silence in this house. A resounding conclusion has rung in this head of mine. That is my strength derives from them, roots from their mere presence. I am at the moment, weak.

Till next week, I am totally dependent on the energy left in their pillows. For now, that's my ration, my only source.

My little girl no more. She's all grown up now with the recent class award she received at her school. Proud of you Iman!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

...been raining.

The sun has slid into the pillows of puffy clouds above, straining the rays from piercing through. The days of late have been dimmed to minimal sunlight turning all the cake pictures captured, a bit dark and bluey. Fortunately, the gloomy days didn't taint this frail spirit of mine. I was kept busy all days of the week delivering cakes from one end to another. In between everything, I had to attend a seminar in PJ, bake some cakes for my doctor(thanks Kubad), attend my son's and daughter's prize giving ceremony, meet up with my future employer and right now, I'm packing my bags to head up north to Ipoh. Will tell you more about a little of each next time folks.

I leave you with some pictures of this week's cakes. Thanks so much to all who have ordered.

Thanks Julie
Thanks Kak Faridah
Thanks Sonia
Thanks Julie
Thanks Rashidah
Thanks Alia
Thanks Engku Azam

My thanks also go to Azenita, Anne and Kubad for your orders. I haven't got the pictures of your cakes here due to the bad shots of the photographs.

Keep those umbrellas by your side, sometimes it pours.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Saphire, Faded Jeans...

...I hope you get your dreams.

Each morning before my little boy dismounts the cake mobile and runs to his school, I would rhyme the same line above to his ear. With him I get extra soggy, mushy, wobbly and teary, maybe because he is the youngest, the smallest, the everything in all the superlatives I bear in my heart. He is turning 6 soon and I am here guilty of treating him like a toddler. Perhaps the thought of not being able to have another baby after him makes it even harder to let him go....or grow up. In my eyes he is that two year old in the see through lubang2 baju or in his rompers with diapers on. I still pick him up and carries him on my back when he is tired of walking or cuddle him like the baby he once was. He still sleeps with me, holding the end of my pyjama pants to drowse himself of, to the dismay of the father and everybody else.

If his kakak is my bestest friend, he is my knight of shining knee he he he. The knight protects the Queen from the ticklish threat of the King, guards her most sacred belonging (such as the pillows) from the smelly Monster, protects her other interests with his royal armour, and runs to her fall at the sound of her slightest wail. When the queen is engulfed in sorrow, this knight of shining knee frequently wipes the queen's tears away with his little hands and reassures her in comfort that everything would be alright. He too assists the servant with the castle chores, picking up the clothes from the clothes line straight to the ironing chamber. He even folds them too, more accurately crumples them. The cleaning lady, the au pair, the chambermaid and all the other helpers of the castle are all pleased with his effort to help. A charmer he is to some, an obedient knight he is to one.

A'dnin with the girls. I don't know why he was the only boy in that story teller group.

The queen's knight of shining knee will soon gallop on his horse to the real world soon. He will be clad in a different uniform of white and blue, leaving the Queen in solitude for the rest of the day. His shining knee will be even shinier after lots of exposure under the sun playing and participating in activities with other royalties. He will grow up and be the finest of man, a wish the queen often recites in her prayers.

Be a good boy A'dnin, a strong one with the biggest of heart. Don't forget your please and thank yous and most importantly the warm smile you are so known for. I will be just outside the gate(a promise I made to him) for the first few days watching you from afar. After that you will have to be on your own with new friends, new teachers, new world altogether. You'll do just fine.

In baju melayu nyanyi nashid. Dah besar dah anak mama ni.

Great teachers at Krista Bandar Mahkota Cheras. From left Teacher Alia, Teacher Selvi, Teacher Jessy, (this teacher has left, not sure of her name) and lastly Teacher Liza.

To all the teachers of Krista, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help, the guidance and the patience dealing with A'dnin. I would also like to forward my apologies if he has been a handful to take care of. My hats off to all of you for the great work.

ps. A'dnin will miss teacher Selvi so much.

Saphire faded jeans,
I hope you get your dreams.

Corrine Bailey ray

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Birthday Deliveries

I have been missing in action these couple of days, finishing orders, painting the house, re-doing the lawn, entertaining students at home as well as delivering surprise birthday goodies to the uninitiated special few. I won't be staying long here folks as my shoulders are tied in a Fisherman's knot and attempting to untie it would only result in producing more smaller unrecognized ones. My knees are also making loops which would probably resemble a bow tie now if I still persist in staying upright for hours to no end.

While waiting for me to untie the knots and the loops, do take a peep of the cakes I made for these special few. Will write as soon as I have untangled myself up.

The delightful little girl Shaha Nabihah berbintikan Razmi( a must mention) on her 4th Birthday.

Thanks so much Amy for the lovely order.

The very surprised Head Mistress Puan Basinah upon receiving her birthday gifts specially sent from one of her former teachers all the way from Dubai.

Thanks Ziela.

An order from the sweetest lady Michele. Thanks so much!

Orders from my loyalest customer who never takes "No" for an answer he he he. Thanks Anne!

...and this hand goes under that the armpit, below the arm, over the head, across the shoulder hmmm...nope, still tangled! See you in a long while then.

Saturday, November 1, 2008 not.

A good song to sing when you are doing your laundry, LOL.
In response to this video, one lady lamented to why she couldn't look as good whilst hanging her clothes to dry.

Need to go look in the trunk for my red ruffle rambu ramba tingkat2 baju now;o)
Da, I think it's with you. You wore it last!he he he

Cakes between heaps of never ending laundry.

Thanks Khairul
Thanks Amy

Thanks Faradilla

Thanks Dila
Thanks Muhammad