Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ya Habibi!

Just as I was about to raise my voice in the manner to reprimand a straggler in my class, a wobbly head popped up from his slumber and mumbled "...teacher, when you the go to the Haj?" A breath of reproach failed to fume out upon digesting his question of the day. I inhaled a somewhat fresher air at this point and answered him amicably, at the same time wondering if he was really interested to know, or was just trying to duck down from blistering badly due to the fiery breath of the class fiend.

"Well" I started.

"It's not that easy. To register, one needs to have a certain amount of money and even if one has enough, one has to wait in the queue of waiting list before one could depart for Haj. It may take around 2 to 5 years."

"How much you pay teacher for the Haj" continued the straggler.

"At least 15k" I said in assurance. "...maybe more, depends on the type of hotel, the food, the air fare..." and before I could finish with the rest of the explanation, he interrupted...

"...I live 10km away from Masjidil Haram teacher. I can get you the best hotels but cheap price and transport, you follow me and the locals, we do the Arab way. I take you on the village road, no cars teacher, only camels. Cheap this way. We reach there fast. We can finish do the Haj in 5 days. I will assist you teacher. No worry."

I gaped and practically popped out from my chair after listening to his invitation to assist. The thought of doing my haj earlier and with the locals at a much cheaper price intrigued me much. Being very animated in class, I was clapping my hands and feet to the amusement of my students. Some of the rest promised to greet me at the airport and join me and husband for Haj.

"We do together teacher, no problem. And you must come stay at my house in Jeddah" said one tough guy who happens to love my chocolate cake and who has been buying them every week now, he he he.

Another sweet student invited me to stay at his mansion over looking his date farm. He was the one who provided me with fresh dates personally plucked by his family member to be brought here for my consumption. How kind was that? The same sweet fellow will accompany my husband and I on our Haj insyallah and mentioned that some of the Imams in Masjidil Haram are his college friends. He used to study the Quran and I believe a tahfiz in his own right but he chose to be an engineer instead.

We exchanged numbers later and all was too excited of the prospect of a reunion in the land of the Prophets. A promise to gather approximately 4 years from now was made.(it couldn't be any earlier as they have to finish their studies here first)

Out of doubt I asked my students "...what if you forget your teacher, you don't remember me when I call. then how?"

A changed face from pleasant to seriousness quickly ensued upon hearing my qualms and in chorus they replied...

"We Arabs never forget our teachers, we never forget you teacher!"

I was so overwhelmed by their gestures. And suddenly the anger I brewed initially at the beginning of the class was soon requited. The fiery fiend has been tamed, I am all jello, mellow and pudding now. Pour me some vanilla caramel cream, and I will be complete.

"Ya Habibi" of my class.
habiby ya omry - amr diab

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ADIEJIN said...

Puan Hajah Wiz Wiz Wizullahh... hehe. bring some dates back for us if makbul doa awak nak pergi Mekah nanti ek..

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Truly lucky teacher Wiz!!! This is what i call a blessing in disguise! Opportunity has knocked on your door, hope u will open it and invite it in Wiz ; ) Baik sungguh hati your students! U must be one hell of a teacher babe! Good on ya! Kalau ada one more seat to fit me in, keep me posted ok! Kita berhaji sama2....

Wiz said...

Jin Islam, You don't have to wait for me to go to Mekah to bring you the dates la. Now also got. Want or not?

Mush - Yes, feel so lucky to know this buncha boys. Hope they meant what they said though. Best kan kalau dpt gi sama2.

DaNaSh said...

Bestnya wiz...that's the advantage of teaching international students and most importantly, being liked by the students...Ehhh..Azam tak bawak org haji lagi ke ?????

Princess Azi said...

rasa macam sweet nye your students, teacher... :D
If you could do your haj in this way, sumpah I'll be jealous sangat2!
U're the most luckiest person because not everyone could easily get this apportunity(dengan slanga yg teacher ajar dlu.haha)

Insya Allah ye. :)

Ahau - Dee said...

best kan jadi cikgu nih!! Biasanya cikgu yang tak ingat pelajar dia. Anak murid tak kan lupa cikgu punya. So, you dah tak payah risau lagi dah kalau nak pi Mekah nanti. Beruntungnya :)

mamazieza said...

kalau dah ke sana nanti doa-doakan laa mama pun leh pegi sama ekkk.... hehehe.. Selamat Hari Raya Wizzzzz... semuga tak wizzing and boleh terus bakinggg... wink..winkkk

ms hart said...

Wiz!!! Nak ikut jugaaaak!!!! al-padang pasir, al-unta, al-ladang kurmaaa??? Ya habibi...ya Wizzy..!!

p/s Worth all your fluctuating 'blood pressure' all this while huh?? Lucky you, teacher!!

Wiz said...

Princess - Aha, this batch better than the last. Ni budak2 kampung padang pasir, so tak eksyen sangat. Very down to earth and hormat cikgu.

Danash - Azam dah tak bwk lagi dah, sebab susah nak amik cuti everytime. I don't always get good ones Naza, last semester sumer ntah apa2 budaknya.

Mamazieza - Insyaallah mama, dari sini wiz dah doakan.

Hart - Jom!!!!! You dok depan unta kat bonggol number 1, I dok kat blakang unta bonggol number 2, hokay? Kalau dahaga, kite perah susu dia. My students said it's the best type of milk there is, next to mother's milk la.

Imeirda said...

Ya Habibi Pn Hajah Wiz... they know ur soft spot lah. Pandai depa cairkan u. That 'straggler' vocab; bukan kita dulu pun dapat ke dari our lecturer ke ie Tengku ...??? hehehe!!@