Monday, October 6, 2008

A Special Delivery

My cakes bake their own stories of the hows and the whys to the ooops and the cries. It's like a
fairy tale filled with vivid images and similarly, like all fables of mother goose, my cakey stories would steer in that wishful direction, the start to many beautiful endings of "happily ever afters". As cakey as it may sound, I have only the best and the sincerest of hopes and intentions for all the cakes I managed to bake and deliver. Cake decorating has never been breezy, but the daunting task of creating them are amply rewarded with the deliveries. It's that first look on the recipients' faces that got me hooked into this venture. A kaleidoscope of colourful expressions illuminating those uninitiated faces. And being a person who thinks she lives next door to Snow White and all her 7 dwarfs, imaginations of golden light beaming from the cake boxes with twinkling stars escaping from them are not something unusual or make beliefs. They are as true as the magic carpet she travels on he he he.

Deliveries do take me places, sometimes to the far far away land. They even grant me many wishes of meeting long lost friends. I was fortunate to have met a dear one, 2 days before Raya. A friend whom I have not laid eyes on for more than 12 years. She was the songbird who often entertained us way back in our University years not only with English and Malay songs but in any other languages upon requests. She lives with her beautiful family now in this beautiful house on this beautiful road with this beautiful pool at the back. I was feeling beautiful arriving at her house bearing beautiful gifts of cakes and cookies. Everything was beautiful that day, from the weather to the meals we had for iftar at her house. It wasn't an iftar "do" which was preplanned but since we came late around 6.30, my friend invited us to stay for iftar and I am so glad we did. I bought some food at the pasar ramadhan and of course some cakes and she took out her iftar preparations of the day and we gathered at the table and shared whatever little food that we had. It was nice to sit and share our meals together and speak of old times and new ones. Our kids hit it off too, playing and running all over the place. Despite the noise they made, we did manage to exchange stories, the happy and the sad.

I hope in a miraculous way, for the cakes and cookies(gifts from her good friend Dee)to be able to cheer her up, even for the littlest of time on Hari Raya. She is hurdling through a stormy weather at this point of time in her life. But after meeting her that day, I am confident that she will cruise through this choppy sea and set sail to friendlier shores.

Not all deliveries end with "...happily ever after" folks. As for this this one, it aptly ends with "...forever and ever" of all of us becoming friends that is.

Take care Enida!

"Friends forever and ever"

Edrick with the magic wand. "I wish..."

Kitreena deep in her thoughts.

This song is especially for both Kitreena and Edrick from Kak Iman and Abang A'dnin.

Forever and ever - Pooh and Christopher Robin

6 treats:

ADIEJIN said... come for our delivery we had to meet ur 'delivery boy' at a dusty noisy dark road side? like this not fair lahh.. hehe..slamat raya

Wiz said...

Jin, heeyyyyyy! I sent one of my best man out there to meet you. If it wasn't for the dust and the inadequate light, I'm sure you would have been thrilled to know that Cantona was the one who delivered em cakes! Yes, Eric, the King himself was there, ha ha ha. Rugi tak mintak autograph I tell ya. Next time k.

huraz said...

Selamat Hari Raya Wiz and family.

ADIEJIN said...

but come to think of it..yar lor.. it's better than u sending the 'big bear' our way... we should be thankful lah.. my bad.

DaNaSh said...

Salam wiz...baru ada masa tu jengok you..wah...having a nice iftar dengan enida's family yea...glad she's gonna be okay.

Imeirda said...

Wiz, the story usually starts with "Once upon a time... hope it ends well.

and please deliver some to this far far away desert land. *grin*