Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling Feminin

I love flowers, but only fresh ones. The artificial versions are not much welcome in this house of ours solely for reasons related to our allergies. Having asthmatic mum and kid around it is unwise to have artificial ones collecting dusts in the corners of the house. Lagipun, my other half prefers one without any, since he said he has lived in a house full of fake blooms all his life(his mum's house is an artificial flower garden...a compliment of course he he he).

But .... there are times when your feminity calls out to you. The need to fill up the void which has been absent all these years suddenly resurfaced. It presses you on especially after visiting friends' open houses and blogspaces and seeing pastels patches and colourful bunches creating such soothing ambience in their beautiful homes. Do visit hart and mhb to see the beauty of flowers in their homes.

To satisfy this sudden craving, I made a trip to a flower shop last week with the intention of buying a pot of "artificialies". I was dismayed to learn how expensive they were. The price range was between 60rgt to 600rgt per arrangement. But the cheap ones looked uninviting, whilst the expensive ones were not within my budget. As usual, I ended up buying nothing. I went to another shop selling miscellaneous items like baking stuff, ribbons, and toys. To my surprise, they had quite a variety of flowers too. Picked up a few bunches of 2.50 sen each which looked the most expensive of all, tapi sebenarnya tak. Went back and checked out the store room to see if I had kept any vases and finally after much sneezing I unearthed one. Later, I was thinking "macam mana nak decorate ni?" And disebabkan tak pandai and also malas, I just stashed them all together to create "the wild flowers in a vase look", ha ha ha. I love daisies the most, so this bunch suits me well.

What say they:
My husband? he didn't even notice the existence of this bunchies.
My kids? Aaah... they are the sweetest. Innocently and maybe just trying to ambik hati-ly they blurted out"! mama panggil casa impian buat rumah mama ke? ha ha ha. And for that comment, they got themselves macaroni and cheese for lunch, for the second time this week.

Cakes with my new bunch of wild flowers in a vase. Did a lot of tiramisu and plain chocolate cakes this week folks. Not much of decorative cakes, so no pictures to share.

Ps. This song flooded back memories of my youth. I remember singing it on a speed boat with the technical team enjoying the wind in our faces and hair. We were on our way to Tioman Island without a care and worry in this world, maybe except for "if tenggelam boat ni, kita orang tak tau swim dalam laut sgt" he he he. It was fun. I'm sure you could sing along to this song too, so just let's! Common kids...and a 1 and a 2 and a 3...

Angin bayu membawa diriku
Sepintas lalu ku terkenangkanmu
Memori silam meresap malam
Kenangan bersama tersimpan selamanya

Walaupun kau pergi jauh dari diri ini
Cintaku masih bersemadi di hati
Keyakinan kita kan kembali
Menghidupkan semula janji bara cinta

( korus 1 )
Kita bersama mengejar mimpi
Terpisah sementara kupasti
Suatu hari nanti
Cinta kita bersemi
Kembali menerangi
Mekar di taman hati

( korus 2 )
Walaupun jauh pandangan mata
Kuyakin kau kan tetap setia
Begitulah ku jua
Keikhlasan di jiwa
Dan cintaku hanyalah

Saban hari diriku menuggu
Khabar berita darimu di sana
Gerimis senja kembali reda
Kerinduan di jiwa
Kau jadi penawar

Rinduku padamu tak dapat ku terkata
Setiap saat waktu bagai terlalu lama
Bila kita kembali bersama
Hiduplah semula
Janji bara cinta

( ulang korus1 & korus2 )
( ulang korus1 & korus2 )

Mimpi yang dikejar telah pun menjadi nyata
teristimewa untuk anda semua...

Untukmu - Feminin

17 treats:

ms hart said...

ha ha ha Wiiiiizzzz!!! You make me shy-shy cat meow meow, y'knowwww!!!! But hey...I LOVE wild flowers and those which you simply chuck into the vase and tadaaahhh...!! Yours is lovely, Wiz....make me think of The Waltons all over again!!

p/s the fresh flowers you see at my house are all cheapo-mee-po only, y'know!!! If you see the apek who sells those beauties, you'll be more surprised!! he he He's now recuperating in the hospital after one surgery on 16th hari tu. The funny part was when he asked us "Ni wa masuk ward 2 minggu, mana lu mau beli bunga?" ha ha ha cewaaahhh....perasan apek ni!! Instead of us, who asked him, dia pulak yang tanya kita!!! Cute je!

Ahau - Dee said...


My sis pun suka bunga tapi saya tak suka. Kesian dia, nak beli bunga saya tak pernah bagi ... alasannya habuk. he he he

Lagu ni! Teringat zaman dulu-dulu ... he he he ... time tu feminin buat I pening. he he he

DaNaSh said...

I pun macam you..prefer not to have any flowers actually tapi nanti org kata x feminine adalah satu bodoh2 aje atas dining table..yours nampak like the real thing......ada sentuhan eric leong so lepas ni boleh upah gubah bunga pulak...

Wiz said...

Hart - Your house is my kinda house, so many cushions!!!! Luv it. Awat nak malu2 kucing eh, betui apa cheq cakap pasai rmh hang, he he he.

Dee - I know, I don't quite fancy the flowers tu before. But I guess it's the sign of aging(oooo scary) that I am beginning to like em now.

Danash - Mcm perli je ni Naza ha ha ha, sentuhan Eric Leong? Tersedak Mr Eric kang. Mine nampak mcm real kan, he he he sebab letak bodoh gitu je kut. Trust me, I will not be good at gubah bunga and will not try it even. but thanks for the compliment.

wan said...

kak wiz, i boleh geng dgn ur husband. Sick and tired of artifial ones yg penuh satu rumah waktu membesar, sekarang I have NONE. Rumah lapang my mom komplen macam dok penjara (no decoration, ada mural sikit2 anak2 buat je kat dinding) hahaha... but the real reason my kids can;t get their hands of things like that. Buat sakit jiwa even I tught them not to touch etc. Panjang pulak.
Happy baking to you kak wiz.

Min said...

oh i love this song.. lagu ni sekat-sekat yg tak best ni.. Those were the days !

myheartbleeds said...

Wiz!! I dah left comment over the weekend pastu streamyx got disconnected. Memang unreliable betol la their service... letih...

Anyways, when I first saw the bunch of daisies tu, I thought they were real. It is very very pretty indeed... and it is perfect for your home...

Malu lah you mentioned about flowers in my home... my house so kecikkkkk... kalau ms hart tu, yaaa... she have a very lovely home (kan, Kak Tati?? ;-) Apa kata kita dua pergi jenjalan Malacca visit our sweet sis tu sorang... boleh makan Ayam Bali!! ahhaha

Wiz said...

Wan - Kak wiz pun tak pernah suke bunga2 ni, tapi ntah knp terasa nak plak this year. Happy baking to you too. Eh how come tak leh access your blog?

Min - Best kan dgr lagu ni, tapi bila korus je, mesti suara kecik sebab tak sampai note ha ha ha.

MHB - Jom kite serang rumah Hart!!!!! Dia pun tgh sedy tu, sian dia. Your house kecik? I live in a coup then, ha ha ha.

ms hart said...

Wiz & MHB!!!!!! (lihatlah betapa banyaknya tanda seruan itu!!) JOM!!!!!*all smiles now....

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

wiz, maut jugak sentuhan u in flowers arrangement..... org kalau dah memang creative, campak campak pun nampak cantik kan? ishh....envy giler la i kat u ni.... like you, i never appreciate artificial ones tapi nak get fresh flowers kang nnt kene tarik la ngan areya.....

Seafrost ~ Nina said...

Wiz...this song reminds me of the 'doc mart' (hate 'em), long dresses, platforms, hats...those certain way of dressing that was 'oh, so tendy' back then. Oh, and it made me remember how 'small' As the lead singer(and me tooo!!!! huhuhhu) was...thanks for the memories :)
Btw, in my house, I have only 1 vase with 2 white orchid in it, beli siap from homelife 5 years, I think I'm more pathetic, hehehe

ADIEJIN said...

untie wizyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..the bear got a cub oredy..hehehe...

Imeirda said...

Wiz, lama tak jenguk yr blog. Sibuk berjalan n now actully nak update blog sendiri pun dah malasss...

Those artificial flowers are gorgeous as long as u dont put too many colours, nanti nampak gordy. Dulu I pun penin rumah my mom penuh bunggaa and every year tukar arrangement or locations jer.

Now I boh potted plants ajer since I have sinustisus hubby (betul ke eja) nih. At least benefits the O2(Oxygen) la!.

domestic engineer said...

Eh camana boleh tetiba you teringat lagu ni ya?? I suka gak lagu ni dulu, masa zaman gediks dulu la... :)

You can put flowers sooo beautifully on cakes but not in a vase...?? he he

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

I love flowers, just got fresh ones over the weekend by our visitors, jadi kalau hang mai sini belikan cheq fresh flowers ok ; ) Thx for putting up this song, which reminds me of Amy Mastura! Thus i took her best of album and hv been listening to them for a couple of days now ; )

Wiz said...

Hart- I'm packing my bags now. Watch out for me!!!!

Anis - You all ni mcm perli je bout my flowers arrangement ni. Yes, now is not the time to have anything on the table with Areya at this age, sumer pun kena letak atas alang, or in the garden too. I still have my 5 year old son cabutting all the greens in my garden he he he.

Nina- Sorry that you don't like the song. Just thought of it when I wrote the word feminin. ANd their voice was never the talk of the town pun. But the melody is quite catchy kan? How are you nowadays? What did you get from Hong kong?

Jeda- Dah abis jalan raya dah? Ish ish seronok tgk you all raya kat padang pasir with camels and all. Kalau kat sini sure nampak Lombu and kobau je. The other day masa balik we almost ran into the ass of one, tgh2 malam k! Phew, susah la kawin dgn org melaka ni he he he. MArah abang MGR kiter ahaks.

Jin - Aunty bear thinks baby bear looks just like papa bear's round face. Round like yours also la he he he.

Ziela- I teringat lagu ni masa tulis perkataan Feminin tu. Tetiba je nak menyanyi plaks.

Yela kita tak pandai arrange bunga dlm vase, atas kek tak tau la knp, tgn ni boleh plaks. Terpaksa kut. Masa gedik ye ziela? Skrg tak gedik dah, betik je ha ha ha. I pun betik jugak, sebab susah nak gi toilet.

Mush - I would be sure to grab some flowers on my way to your house k. Ingat sebut 44 kali k he he he.

Seafrost ~ Nina said...

Wiz...nolah, I dont hate the song (like the tune) but I hate the boots they wore at that time - boot mcm PLKN but pakai dengan dress yang belah tinggi...hehehe!!! Buruk!!!
FYI, hubby bought NOTHING for me from HK, huaaaaaaa! Just choc for kids, he said barang mahal but I know he dah mati kutu to buy apa for us. I forgive him...this weekend will drag him to buy something here in KL instead, hahaha!!!