Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They Say...

...good things come in threes.

Thanks Jessica!

Jess ordered 12 designs with 12 different flowers for her final year project. I asked her again, 12? Jess? Logically I politely declined. She came back with many more emails explaining the dire need of the 12 different cupcakes for her project. She initially requested for 50 pieces but upon negotiation I only agreed to do 36 with 12 designs altogether.

Hope you passed with flying cupcakes Jess. Now toss up that mortar board, you're now a graduate!Yay!

*Suddenly I am not feeling so young anymore. I graduated when the dinasours still roamed this Earth! Looooooooooooong time agoooooooooooooo.

4 treats:

DaNaSh said...

Cupcakes for project ??? Must be a sure interesting course she's doing.

Good things come in threes ....Hmmm you are right wiz as mine is.

huraz said...

U're right Wiz, we're not that young anymore. Each time i go to IIUM matrics in Nilai, teringat zaman KPP. Feel really old!!! But tak pe, janji young at heart...

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

i LOVE the corrs, i hv all of their albums and know all their songs by heart hehehehhe and yes good things comes in 3's ; ) Hugs, M&B&N

Wiz said...

Danash - I was wondering too. At the end of the project mesti hapi dpt makan cupcakes kan.

Huraz - But you haven't changed a bit la. You don't look like you have aged at all. Yes, always be young at heart eh?

Mush - I soooooooo love the Corrs too. I love the fact that all of them are musically inclined and gorgeous too. I wonder what happened to them now.