Friday, September 19, 2008

Road Not Taken

It was one late evening when I received an email from a dear dear friend. Her words hustled through with that familiar ring in my head, an awakening of some sort. And for many breaths, I found myself lamed for words. It was unnerving to be robbed of words, even more so when you actually had so much to say. Gathering and putting my thoughts in order have never been so difficult, but I punched those keys anyway.

The similarities between us made it easy for me to relate to her predicament. After all, we were both once in the same office working in the same web. I untangled myself earlier leaving her bouncing to no end. But she was strong, she came through. And now, after many years of weaving the strands, good things came stringing with a prestigious offer to study abroad, on a full sponsorship. In between everything else, she made time to write a book and had it published! Now she is reaping the fruits of her labour

... but somehow other people were unhappy and wrote her emails one too many.

To my dear friend,

We strayed in our paths to open new doors, paving the way, unwary of the thorns and the broken twigs. We chose to cruise on the long winding road unbeknownst of the destination, hoping it would at least be scenic above all else. We might be traveling alone but in solitude we learnt the best. The destination is still so blurry but the journey thus far supercedes our expectations, and would you like to know why? because we...

"...took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."(Robert Frost)

your friend

Thank you Sweetie Hani.

Thanks so much Seri.

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uya ahmad said...

Road Not Taken???
macam pernah ku dengar ayat ni...
ya!!!baru teringat, literature SPM rupenye...ahaks..xD...
teacher, miss u so much....saye screwed my chemistry exam...dapat B je...81% je...sedeyh3....

DaNaSh said...

"I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure--which is: Try to please everybody. Herbert Bayard Swope"

domestic engineer said...

Whichever path that we've chosen in life, as long as we're happy with it and can gain success in the end...fine.

Min said...

oh Wiz, you should write a book yourself.. I love all your stories. Yes, I guess I have myself taken the
'one less traveled' road. So far, so good. Good luck to you and your dear friend.

Wiz said...

Sapura - Macam familiar ye? That is one of the most recited if not cited poem of all times. Good that you remember. aaawww miss you too la. Have you been stuffing yourself chocolates now that you find them cheap there?

Danash - I agree, totally molly!

Dom Eng - True, it's the uncertainty of the said success is the question.

Min - If I were to write a book, would you buy it and have it for keeps? If the answer is a yes, my first published book nanti(if ever I were to publish one) would be given to you for free. Howzat? Thanks Min, you are the nicest!