Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When Barney Stops Singing "I Love You"

Barney and Friends

I was in purple, singing "I love you, you love me song" for days and days. You see, working with a strong colour and a popular character have its shortcoming. For one, Barney had his entourage circling my conscience with the "I hate this tune but I can't seem to stop singing it" theme song and to top it all, Barney left almost a permanent purple mark on all your fingers, at least for a week or so. The presence of the deep dark colour inside my nails also brought that "ieeww" look upon the faces of my students. They didn't express much but the wrinkles on their foreheads and the raised eyebrows were proofs of their "geli"ness towards my undesirable state of hands, especially when I had to use them to point out their mistakes in their homework, ha ha ha, should see the looks on their faces.

The shade didn't just leave traces on my fingers, it was also a visible sign of my incompetence working with Barney and friends' cupcakes. Sometimes, there are things you are too excited to foresee and too mesmerized to actually anticipate the complications which could go against you. In my excitement, I failed to portend that the weight of the figurines would be too heavy for the cupcakes to bear. Initially when the figurines were pitched on the cakes, everything looked perfect. They weren't any signs of avalanches coming. It was a 45km journey from my house to the designated destination and when you are travelling on Malaysian roads, bumps are a common thrill. As much as you tried to avoid them, there would be times that you are caught flying in mid air for a few seconds, especially when the route taken was not familiar to you. Bear in mind that we were travelling in a Juara, now how fast can a yellow refrigerator go.

As I was about to relinquish the cakes, I noticed two of the figurines were tilting to the back. Admittedly, I informed the recipient about them, apologized and explained profusely the reasons to the imperfect state. She accepted and I moved on. But on my way back, I received a phone call stating that almost all Barneys have shifted or swerved somehow. All I could say at that point was, the reassurance of a refund. To know that you were the cause of a spoilt party wasn't a wonderful feeling and as much as it has affected the birthday bash, it has inevitably dented my self esteem. I felt bad. I sincerely hope Farizah would contact me for the refund promised, the least I could do to make up for the horrendous cakes.

On that day the "I love you" tune in my head started to subside. Barney finally decided to stop singing. I have a hunch that he doesn't love me anymore.

Thanks Farizah for all the orders above. I apologize for all the imperfections.

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Ummi said...

you are very nice indeed to take on the responsiblity on the imperfections. salute you!

Queen Of The House said...

The figurines tilted? Was the icing on the cake too soft? I haven't tried putting figures on my cupcakes but I can foresee my kids asking for them soon.

Wiz said...

Ummi - Thanks, it's the least I could do.

Queen - It was buttercream, the usual cosistency like always. The figurines were too heavy kan, sugar and all.

Anonymous said...

Omg, do yo make any money with all the refunds you give?

ms hart said...

Wiz darlin', you are not only a cake fairy, you are an angel too, yah?

Jasmine Taib said...

Dear Ka Whiz, I really feel for you! To my eyes all your creations looks fantastic tapikan customers will always expect perfection!! You will forever remain an inspiritation to me whatever the case!!

Wiz said...

Jolie - Seriously, I don't really make much from this venture.

Hart - Am no angel la Hart, but I could use a pair of wings tho, then can save lots on petrol for deliveries ha ha ha.

Jasmine - Thanks for the words of comfort. But the customer had every right to be mad especially when they received cakes that looked like they have just experienced a tornedo. It was my bad judgement, my fault. When things like this happen, you do feel like quitting, coz there are things you have no control of, you know.