Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Fondant Affair

Thanks Lin

Disclosing an intimate affair presents back flashes of sweet rendezvous deeply ingrained in that thick wreath of pain. Somehow, the sweetness is often veiled under those lesions of discomfort. I hurdled my way accepting the unfriendly responses with my chin up at all times not wishing to succumb to despair. Through these untrained eyes, I strive to make the arts of my craft pleasing to the heart but I am careless to think that beauty truly belongs to the eyes of the beholder. Views that are picturesque to you might not take the other person's breath away. I learnt that a lot these past few weeks.

When one fails to deliver, one seeks solace in searching for consolations of comforting thoughts. I took flight on many other happy thoughts of people whom I have pleased so far and that made me continue on. But for the unappeased few the sole consolation for them was a refund of their money, no questions asked, and they get to keep the cakes too!

Thank you so much to those who have ordered especially Kak Mis an excellent cake decorator herself who has forwarded me the request from Lin. My thanks also go to Kak Sue, Wahida and Wan.

An Affair to Remember -

2 treats:

Ida said...

errmmm....i thought the male bear was supposed to be on the left? kan?

Wiz said...

The groom was placed on the left. Now the question is, his left or the audience left.