Friday, August 15, 2008

Flowers In My Kitchen


I will be away for a couple of days visiting families, friends and neighbours back home. In my absence I need someone to look after my blooming flowers on my kitchen counter. Would you be kind enough tending them for me? Thanks so much!

with love

Thanks Jessica!

Thanks Anese!

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U.Lee said...

Hi Wiz, I have seen lots of cupcakes, cakes all these years, but yours are really outstanding!
They are beautiful! Too beautiful to eat, ha ha.

Oh ya, there is a lady here who makes candle cakes and they look so real she has to put a note they are candles.
You have a nice break, and keep well, Lee.

Mimi said...

hehe.. dont worry, will take a good care of em.. but u know, will be definitely hard to restrain ppl frm plucking em :D

domestic engineer said...

Ok Wiz, no prob. I will help looking after your blooming flowers on your kitchen counter. But please don't ask me to bake blooming flowers like this...habbbiss, hancusss...! hi hi hi. Enjoy your hols.

p/s - I don't have ur Midas touch...

Anonymous said...

That is called talent! I can't care for them, sorry, I'd probably eat them (by accident of course), nice job

jentayuh007 said...

asslamualaikum teacher..
b4 this i'm not really visit ur blog cos i hate to wait it buffering.. tu lah letak mcm2 kat blog.. haha.. but know here i got faster internet conection.. hehe.. no need to way a decade to open ur blog.. hehe.. just kidding.. jgn marah yer.. i love ur blog.. hehe..
ni yg smgt nih..
teacher i think u need to give her ur cup cake to cheer her up back..
by the way, I got american roomate here.. so, hopefully i can learn from him lots..
hehe.. byk citer nih nak share, tp nnt lah biler2 when i can catch u online. haha..