Monday, August 4, 2008

A Fairy Story

I wish I could write more for each of the orders below. There are always stories behind all those sweet concoctions, stories that are often sketched amicably at the back of my head. A whisk in the hand and a spatula in another, a baker could bake as much as she could blog about it. However, writing has never been my forte so I shall not strap you in this cake contraption and make you read more than you would want to. But on second thoughts.... I shall torture you anyway, he he he. And so girls and boys, this is how the cakey story goes...

A Story of The Cake Fairy and The Long White Cloud

Thank you Mimi!

A long time ago, an order was received from a lovely nuclear scientist Mimi from the Kingdom of Bangi. A box of delights were required at the presence of her handsome Prince upon his return from the far far away land. The cake fairy complied to her wish and with the magic of her wand, cakes appeared before Mimi's very eyes. Everyone rejoiced at the sight of those magical creamy balls and after much merriment, the cake fairy disappeared amidst the long white cloud.

Thank you Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

Days after, the cake fairy received a summon from the governance of the
Ballroom Council. The lads and lasses of the ballroom masters were to celebrate the anniversary of their births. The festivity of marking the momentous event called for many sweet splendour to be bestowed to the invited patrons. By many flicks of her wand, cakes of fancies emerged from the magical boxes. Rounds of cheers broke the silence of the evening and before anyone noticed, the cake fairy vanished in that same long white cloud.

Thank you Lai Fong!

Another order was received soon after, from another castle where Prince Eugene and Princess Charmaine reigned. The lovely Queen mother was all ardent to surprise her little prince and princess. Her majesty made sure the cupcakes were dressed in all her little ones' favourite colours and designs. A kind and loving mother was she. It was a gargantuan task for the cake fairy to wand the cakes about, as the castle was located far far away. To the dissapointment of the cake fairy, when the cakes finally reached their destination, the cake fairy had to leave without chancing the lovely Queen mother, hopping on to the long white cloud.

On many other separate occasions, the cake fairy waved her wands away to the delights of girls and boys. Cakes of many shapes popped up from the flicks of her wand making their ways to the tables of the birthday boys and girls. The friendly purple monster came alive and so did those green leafy worms, all crept and jumped away to the pitch of football cakes and cupcakes. Thankful to all, the cake fairy, tired and weary, sprang onto the long white cloud floated out to the horizon, writing her next affair of Fondant.

Till then, she leaves here and now happily ever after.

Thank you Ainin!

Thank You Afidah!

Thank you Juman!

Thank you Siti!

Ps. Thanks Kak Muna for naming me the "cake fairy" eventhough the "cake witch" is sometimes more like it.

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

I wish these pretty little cupcakes were all mine!! what a siight Wiz, your talented ways amaze me Wiz ; )

Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

let me qoute "writing is not my forte" - my dearest friend you are so modest - you've got a great flair for creative writing (among your many many talents).

You should make an attempt to write children's story books for malaysian kids!

Your creativity is such a joy for all your readers!

kc said...

are you kidding? writing and baking go hand in hand for you lah! as always, yr mouth-watering cupcakes are a pleasant sight to drool at...*big grin*

U.Lee said...

Hi Wiz, thank for your message re Shera....yes, I was informed the day she passed away.
Infact I was waiting for her reply to my 2nd comment in her blog, when her friend, Chahya came to my blog and broke the sad news.
And my tears just came out as she was a good friend....always enjoyed her lively comments and jokes and sharing laughs with me. I miss her.

Please check out my tribute to blog,.

'In memory of my blog friend, Shera', d/d 7/22/08.

'As the tide goes out, life goes on', d/d 7/24/08.

Terima kaseh for your remembering me, you have a great weekend....psssst, if got time read my ahemmm, 'romancing a sarong', previous post. Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Wiz, I just saw you at my Blog immigration check point, but when let you in, I lost you on my radar....di mana posting you masuk?
Saya chari ta'dapat find you.
Pls let me know.
Terima kaseh, Lee.

domestic engineer said...

That MU! My hubby is a big fan of it! I'd surely order one if we happen to celebrate his birthday in Msia.

Wiz said...

Mush - If we live near each other, I would send cupcakes to you everyday Mush whether you like it or not! he he he

Salina - Tak la Salina, many are better writers out there. I am interested to write books but ada ke orang nak beli and baca? tulis merapuje lebih I ni, ha ha ha

Ziela - When you are in town tell me. I'll make some for you.

U lee - I commented on your kampung entry. The one you said "if you carry your childhood with you, you'll never become old" or something.

Thanks for dropping by Lee.

Mimi said...

my dear cake fairy :D sangat seronok baca my part of the story hehehe... thank you sooo much darling..

ehem.. awisy bday is coming soon.. *hint*