Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Apologies

Design that was rejected by one customer, was liked by another.

As Ramadhan Al Mubarak tweaks its first light tomorrow, preparations of Eid commence naturally. It's the busiest month for almost everyone, mothers, fathers, business operators, cookies entrepreneurs and cake makers to name a few. On the contrary for Wizcakes, this special month serves as a breather for the proprietor. Orders for cakes and cookies have been limited to make way for Ramadhan. Busy I will still be, but only for those in the family. Kids' exams to prepare after Raya, work due for Fuzana, dozens of preraya chocolate cake orders to deliver and those walls to repaint.

In the midst of all, wizcakes and wiz would like to have this time and space to apologize for the slightest of mistakes, the lousiest of words, the faultiest of cakes and the flimsiest of acts ever encountered or faced by any of my relatives, friends and customers out there. I do wish for your forgiveness for all of my shortcomings, I am in flesh, only human.

Selamat Menyambut Bulan yang penuh keberkatan Ramadhan Al Mubarak. Semoga amalan kita ditingkatkan dan semoga kita bersua kembali dengan bulan ini di tahun2 yang seterusnya, insyallah. I would love to write more about the blessings of Ramadhan but my friend Naza has done it beautifully on her page.

With that said, let's start this holy month with Bismillah...

Thank you Maihida
Thanks Alia
Thanks Liza

Bismillah - Krisdayanti

Monday, August 25, 2008

...been dreaming

Thanks a bunch Afiah!

Racing the room with a spatula in one hand, in an effort to remember what is the
thing to do or take, often pinches the life out of you sometimes. Facts, figures,
measurements, ingredients get tangled with one another and at times lost in between
catching "Soleha",draining and spinning my laundry and piping buttercream. And typically at the end of this domestic race, the sole participant crosses the finish line with eyes both closed, feet still running, hand still wiping, till she collapses onto the safety mattress, scooping her son to the side before she could actually find a decent space for herself to rest her head. And when that finally happens, she only hopes to be blanketed with beautiful dreams, even if it's only for a few minutes, before she wakes up again to a yet another day of Triathlon.

Can't write much folks, got a race to finish and a dream to catch.

Thank you so much Raihana, Nadia, and Azila.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Michael Bublé

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flowers In My Kitchen


I will be away for a couple of days visiting families, friends and neighbours back home. In my absence I need someone to look after my blooming flowers on my kitchen counter. Would you be kind enough tending them for me? Thanks so much!

with love

Thanks Jessica!

Thanks Anese!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sugar and Spice, Everyday Rice.

Thanks Intan!

I was queried by some of my Arab students to why Malays consume rice everyday especially in the morning. They were quite an observant lot, questioning the rationale of our food intake which is dissimilar to theirs. These big guys feel that rice is too heavy to be taken in the wee hours(wee hours according to their time is between 8am to 11am)and our habit somehow nauseated them. In comparison to their appetite, the food that we take makes us look like Gorgons!

I paused(an act of transmitting a message that I am more intelligent than them)and looked outside for awhile before I continued.

My explanations quantum leaped from the early times, reasoning with them how the Malays slaved themselves working in acres and acres of paddy fields to earn a living. Naturally, they required adequate amount of carbohydrate to work under the hot sun. As rice could be found in abundance, it became the staple food for the Malay community. A necessity became a habit which later progressed to a norm and in time it was ingrained in the genes of the Malays. A word of advice to my students was not to be ethnocentric to culture or ways that are strange to them. I explained further of the geographical factors that governed each race. For instance the Arabs live in the deserts. The hardships of the dry land in many ways have influenced their personalities and even the types of clothing they wear. Food of the Arabs are ones that could survive in the extreme weather or grown in the wadi around, such as sheep and dates. They nodded their heads in agreement and seemed to understand the discussion. I was pleased to see the expressions of empathy from the faces of these tough guys. The contentment to know that I was able to impart such comprehensions of our culture and tradition was beyond the lesson plan intended that day.

As the class was about to adjourn, like always, I asked if there was anything they wanted to know or found different in this new country. One tall chap walked towards me and asked "I only have the one question for you. Why teacher here in the morning, I always see many people eat a the rice?"

I paused yet again, looked outside and instead of trying to appear intelligent, I composed the sweetest smile, picked up my bag, and headed straight to the cafe for the compulsory dose of rice. My brain needed some carbo!

Thanks Siti!
Thanks Anis!
Desert Rose - Sting

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When Barney Stops Singing "I Love You"

Barney and Friends

I was in purple, singing "I love you, you love me song" for days and days. You see, working with a strong colour and a popular character have its shortcoming. For one, Barney had his entourage circling my conscience with the "I hate this tune but I can't seem to stop singing it" theme song and to top it all, Barney left almost a permanent purple mark on all your fingers, at least for a week or so. The presence of the deep dark colour inside my nails also brought that "ieeww" look upon the faces of my students. They didn't express much but the wrinkles on their foreheads and the raised eyebrows were proofs of their "geli"ness towards my undesirable state of hands, especially when I had to use them to point out their mistakes in their homework, ha ha ha, should see the looks on their faces.

The shade didn't just leave traces on my fingers, it was also a visible sign of my incompetence working with Barney and friends' cupcakes. Sometimes, there are things you are too excited to foresee and too mesmerized to actually anticipate the complications which could go against you. In my excitement, I failed to portend that the weight of the figurines would be too heavy for the cupcakes to bear. Initially when the figurines were pitched on the cakes, everything looked perfect. They weren't any signs of avalanches coming. It was a 45km journey from my house to the designated destination and when you are travelling on Malaysian roads, bumps are a common thrill. As much as you tried to avoid them, there would be times that you are caught flying in mid air for a few seconds, especially when the route taken was not familiar to you. Bear in mind that we were travelling in a Juara, now how fast can a yellow refrigerator go.

As I was about to relinquish the cakes, I noticed two of the figurines were tilting to the back. Admittedly, I informed the recipient about them, apologized and explained profusely the reasons to the imperfect state. She accepted and I moved on. But on my way back, I received a phone call stating that almost all Barneys have shifted or swerved somehow. All I could say at that point was, the reassurance of a refund. To know that you were the cause of a spoilt party wasn't a wonderful feeling and as much as it has affected the birthday bash, it has inevitably dented my self esteem. I felt bad. I sincerely hope Farizah would contact me for the refund promised, the least I could do to make up for the horrendous cakes.

On that day the "I love you" tune in my head started to subside. Barney finally decided to stop singing. I have a hunch that he doesn't love me anymore.

Thanks Farizah for all the orders above. I apologize for all the imperfections.

Monday, August 11, 2008

With Honours

Congratulations to Mazlin and friends!

Erecting these graduation bears on all the cupcakes sucked me into the vacuum of my past. It was the 1990's again, image of books, classes, projects, presentations, lecturers and colleagues engulfed me for awhile. I remembered being one without that many friends, I somehow brushed people the wrong way. Only a handful who managed to decipher this confusing aura around me, the very few who have finally figured out that I posed no threat to others, benign in nature. It was relatively difficult to penetrate the existing circle of friends, you need to conform, adopt and adapt certain ways of conduct.

I am a social handicap in terms of conforming, a total retard in communicating. I have always been a loner ever since I was young, couldn't fit in anywhere in any group. I spent my adolescent years taking care of my late grandfather, resting my head on the hospital bed reading Jane Austin books (the books were in our course syllabus) to him. Feeding him Nestum mashed with bananas gave me great pleasure in return for his tales of Badang, Ayam dogel, and many more. I refused many high tea parties and outings from school friends and later University mates just because I never had anything appropriate to wear. I never owned fashionable wears or those matching shoes or those hair clips and earings and all that jazz. What I had were these T shirts and jeans, nothing girlish and some were shirts attained from my brother's closets. My brother also did my hair, cropping it like he wore his, short and neat. At school I was mistaken for someone who liked her own gender simply because I kept my hair short. I was aware that I had brought all these misconceptions to myself, nothing was resolved, I just stayed away.

The problem was, I relented, I made allocations for unfavourable things. Unlike my sister, a fighter, I am the total opposite. I am a coward in my own defense, at most times walking away from the problems to avoid confrontations. Over the years I have resurfaced and many were surprised to know of this little endeavour I have going and they asked " Where have you been? Why did you stay away?" I wanted to say "I didn't, you just didn't see me."

Thanks Mazlin!

Ps. Ozone, Ziela, Naza, Wan, Zaida, Ayish, Zil and Yannie, thank so much for writing in. Appreciate it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Fondant Affair

Thanks Lin

Disclosing an intimate affair presents back flashes of sweet rendezvous deeply ingrained in that thick wreath of pain. Somehow, the sweetness is often veiled under those lesions of discomfort. I hurdled my way accepting the unfriendly responses with my chin up at all times not wishing to succumb to despair. Through these untrained eyes, I strive to make the arts of my craft pleasing to the heart but I am careless to think that beauty truly belongs to the eyes of the beholder. Views that are picturesque to you might not take the other person's breath away. I learnt that a lot these past few weeks.

When one fails to deliver, one seeks solace in searching for consolations of comforting thoughts. I took flight on many other happy thoughts of people whom I have pleased so far and that made me continue on. But for the unappeased few the sole consolation for them was a refund of their money, no questions asked, and they get to keep the cakes too!

Thank you so much to those who have ordered especially Kak Mis an excellent cake decorator herself who has forwarded me the request from Lin. My thanks also go to Kak Sue, Wahida and Wan.

An Affair to Remember -

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Fairy Story

I wish I could write more for each of the orders below. There are always stories behind all those sweet concoctions, stories that are often sketched amicably at the back of my head. A whisk in the hand and a spatula in another, a baker could bake as much as she could blog about it. However, writing has never been my forte so I shall not strap you in this cake contraption and make you read more than you would want to. But on second thoughts.... I shall torture you anyway, he he he. And so girls and boys, this is how the cakey story goes...

A Story of The Cake Fairy and The Long White Cloud

Thank you Mimi!

A long time ago, an order was received from a lovely nuclear scientist Mimi from the Kingdom of Bangi. A box of delights were required at the presence of her handsome Prince upon his return from the far far away land. The cake fairy complied to her wish and with the magic of her wand, cakes appeared before Mimi's very eyes. Everyone rejoiced at the sight of those magical creamy balls and after much merriment, the cake fairy disappeared amidst the long white cloud.

Thank you Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

Days after, the cake fairy received a summon from the governance of the
Ballroom Council. The lads and lasses of the ballroom masters were to celebrate the anniversary of their births. The festivity of marking the momentous event called for many sweet splendour to be bestowed to the invited patrons. By many flicks of her wand, cakes of fancies emerged from the magical boxes. Rounds of cheers broke the silence of the evening and before anyone noticed, the cake fairy vanished in that same long white cloud.

Thank you Lai Fong!

Another order was received soon after, from another castle where Prince Eugene and Princess Charmaine reigned. The lovely Queen mother was all ardent to surprise her little prince and princess. Her majesty made sure the cupcakes were dressed in all her little ones' favourite colours and designs. A kind and loving mother was she. It was a gargantuan task for the cake fairy to wand the cakes about, as the castle was located far far away. To the dissapointment of the cake fairy, when the cakes finally reached their destination, the cake fairy had to leave without chancing the lovely Queen mother, hopping on to the long white cloud.

On many other separate occasions, the cake fairy waved her wands away to the delights of girls and boys. Cakes of many shapes popped up from the flicks of her wand making their ways to the tables of the birthday boys and girls. The friendly purple monster came alive and so did those green leafy worms, all crept and jumped away to the pitch of football cakes and cupcakes. Thankful to all, the cake fairy, tired and weary, sprang onto the long white cloud floated out to the horizon, writing her next affair of Fondant.

Till then, she leaves here and now happily ever after.

Thank you Ainin!

Thank You Afidah!

Thank you Juman!

Thank you Siti!

Ps. Thanks Kak Muna for naming me the "cake fairy" eventhough the "cake witch" is sometimes more like it.