Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Part 6: Taupo to Whakarewarewa

Day 5 - Monday 9th June 08

The exhilarating experience at the fringe of Mount Ruapehu, left us quenching for more adventures in the North island of New Zealand. We felt sad leaving Turangi though, not only for its scenic Tongariro river and the Tongariro National Park, but also for our stay at The Settlers' comfortable and quaint Motel. The attic the kids had a chance to sleep in, the trampoline the kids bounced and did acrobatics on and the private mineral pool, were amongst the many other reasons why we loved it here (will write about all the motels later in another entry).

Waking up to the coldest weather proved to be a bone wrecking ordeal for the adults. It was especially so as a result of our exertion (snow throwing, kids chasing and steps climbing)the day before. The zero degree Celsius temperature also made it more difficult to peel ourselves from our warm bed let alone take our baths. The only exciting thing that we cherished from this cold weather was the "smoke like air" that puffed out from our mouths! In deliberation, simple sentences were expressed with much emphasis, just to maximize the smoky effect in the air, he he he. We tried our best to get everyone and everything back in the van as quickly as we could that morning, bade our goodbyes to the nice motel and headed straight on to

An overview of Taupo

In and around Taupo

Taupo, primarily known for its lake, is a beautiful geothermal area. It is named after the largest lake in New Zealand - Lake Taupo which was created from a major volcanic eruption approximately 26,500 years ago. At present, the Taupo region has become New Zealand's most popular destination offering a wide range of activites for kids of all ages. An eye catching sight for first time visitors like us was the steam which seemed to seethe from every corner of the town. It signified that we have arrived at a geothermal region.

As steamy as the geothermal steam was, it was incomparable to our sizzling steam for shopping that day! We have been deprived of visiting any retail districts for the past four days. There were souvenirs to buy for people back home and we needed to start shopping before we finished our cash on cookies and chips. Our steam was finally matched when we arrived at the town centre, crammed with cafes, interesting shops and souvenir outlets. Yay!
Below was the evil place where most of our money ended up in.

A total Black out at the end of the shopping trip.

To soothe our weary eyes, we made a stop at Huka Falls. It was truly a sight for sore eyes. The green surrounding must have lent the Waikato river its amber colour.

Waikato River

The ferocious flow of water from Waikato river narrows to form the powerful magnificient Huka Falls.

We lingered around for half and hour or so before pushing off to our next stop.
Catching the last glimpse of Huka.

If we could have it our way, we would have loved to extend our stay in Taupo. But due to the limited time on our hands, a budge was ineveitable. There were more places to visit and other experiences to indulge in, we just had to move on. However, we left Taupo with a beautiful unanimous thought(yes, we sometimes think out verbally together) of ...

"If we were to pick a town to live in New Zealand, Taupo would be it."

Saying our goodbyes to Taupo.

river song - Plainsunset

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Anonymous said...

Looks really awesome, the pictures of Waikato river are very pretty.

yasmin said...

Wish I'm there, and love the song..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's pretty much the same think as congkak except we call it mancala and mine is really cool because it has dolphins carved into it :)

suria said...

Enjoying your entry and I really really must go to New Zealand!!!

ms hart said...


Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

wah wiz! syoknye gi jejalan to NZ....just got the chance to check on other blogs...been bz, sick and not in the mood to blog la....

now i know why hubby kept on mentioning NZ (for the last 15 years)as his fav destination...awesome and breathtaking views and sceneries....

Ahau - Dee said...

Cantiknya gambar Waikato River tu ! You ni bukan saja pandai buat kek ... ambil gambar pun pandai ... he he he

Wiz said...

Yasmin - Thanks, I love the song too, so refreshing.

Suria - You should you should go. But take ample time in organizing the trip. You dont want to miss anything.

Hart - Yes it was awesome throughout.

Anis - Hope you are feeling much better now. Yes NZ is truly breathtaking.

Dee - Some of the pictures here were taken by my brother in law, some by my brother and sister and some by me. The Waikato river pic tu, was from my bro in law's camera. But none of the cakes here were made by my bro in law ha ha ha.