Monday, July 28, 2008

Everyday Since...

I was left with a single 1 dollar NZ coin in the fist of my hand. Like any other coin, there are two parts of it with a different facet on each side. It wasn't special in any way but as ordinary as it may seemed, this coin encapsulated the state of mind I was stuck in. On one side it shouted out, "charge on! You've got cakes to do" but on the other it was fraught with "...let's just stay in this holiday mode, life is more than just cakes in one hand, icing in the other". Citing Hare "Juxtaposition is a very unsafe criterion of continuity" I bolted from that precarious zone of uncertainty and decided to choose the former instead of the latter. And here I am baking, still....

Whilst relating the NZ stories, orders were blinking away in my gmail. I accepted some but had to decline the rest due to the insufficient ingredients I had on my shelf. I was still in my holiday mode and forcing myself would probably result cakes that would only be consumed by the Joker in Dark Knight, demented in appearance.

The first week had me baking the regular chocolate cakes without any embellishments or colourful decorations. I missed the simplicity of slapping the chocolate fudge on the cakes, instead of wrecking myself to design all things beautiful on them. It's only normal to feel less beautiful on some days and extra gorgeous on others. But with cakes, you need to feel beautiful everyday or your creations would turn otherwise. And for that one week, yours truly was devoid from feeling anywhere close to the beautiful region. Hence, the deliveries of the regular looking chocolate cakes.

But, despair not and fret not, all things beautiful are just a blush away.

Here's a glimpse of cakes to come.

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Ahau - Dee said...


I ada hantar email to you tapi tak ada response pun which is 'not you'. So, just wondering whether you have received it or not. Pasal my order for my son's birthday.



mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Dearest Wiz
Finally i am here, definitely made my morning cos i can come and read all the post that i've missed here! Aw Wiz, the pictures all looked so mesmerizing, cam ni pi ja besok! Tapi dari sini, jauh gila babe! But i am so glad your family get to enjoy NZ to its fullest, you all deserved it i am very sure ; ) Kalau mai sini, lodging free, insyaAllah makan pun free, bayar duit for airplane and shopping je lah ; ) Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories of NZ. Hugs, hv a pleasant week Wiz.

Wiz said...

Dee - I didn't get your email. But I have just written you another one. Hope you'd get it.

Mush - Aaw, thanks. You went all the way to read my entries, and that gesture owes you a visit from me! I speak as though I have all the money in the world. There are so many people to visit and you and Salina reign on top of my list of course. I bought you something from NZ, but have yet to post it. Will do asap alright.

Hope to see you around but if you have to go some place else to be here, than I'd rather not impose on you. Take care

Min said...

Hi Wiz.. as usual, the cake is gorgeous ! Love it :)

Ahau - Dee said...

Huh! I am luckly coz you accepts my order ... he he he. Can't wait to see the results and to surprise my son. Thanks again.

Jasmine Taib said...

Ka Wiz, Love your New Zealand travel diary insyallah kalau sudah maju business kit juga mau bercuit ke sana!!Just wanted to ask where do you get your bakery supplies from in KL? I might be going to KL for a short trip in Mid August and need some items not available here in Brunei.By the way check out our new blog tengah sibuk buat order saha lately ni!!
Best Regards Ka Whiz!