Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Part 5: Snow! Snow! We Spotted Snow!

Visiting a country which is experiencing winter would not be complete without the sight of the frozen version of white candy floss. Anticipating snow just before the trip made us purchased a whole range of winter items such as mittens, gloves, second hand winter jackets, and snow caps(to which my mum insisted...tak payah beli!, pakai opah punya cekup pun jadi) to name a few. The kids were especially excited about their first snow encounter, whilst the adults were equally thrilled to experience snow once again.

The moment we left Waitomo cave, we could sense the drastic temperature drop. We bundled ourselves up, windows shut and huddled closely together for warmth. Our body heat served as the only functioning heater in the van. We drove towards the mountainous region of Turangi via the picturesque Lake Taupo. The scenic route forced us to stop several times for picture taking and posing in front of nature's magnificent backdrop of mountains, greens and lakes. The many stops were actually a foe in our schedule, swallowing most of our precious time.

"I believe I could fly, I believe I could touch the sky..." he hates that song.

Overlooking Lake Taupo.

The destination for this leg of the tour is The Tongariro National Park. Excited as we all were, we needed to first find our Motel to check in before proceeding to the ski resort located at the national park. Slumped all our bags in one place, slurped a few bowls of instant meehoon soup and hot chocolates, performed our jamak prayers and we were off! It was a mere 20 minutes drive to the National Park but we actually took 30 due to the icy roads. Snow capped mountains started to appear amidst the trees and when the first one was spotted the whole group screeched out "Snoooooooooooooowww! Snoooooooooooow!"

As we neared the mountains, more snow started to be visible by the roadsides and the scenery transformed from the greens to a beautiful white wash. I was in contentment gazing at the beauty of it all but mostly at the faces of the screaming kids. The feeling of syukur overwhelmed me tremendously that I was there to witness Allah's creations with my parents, my brothers and sisters, and my family. It would have been perfect if my second brother and his family were there too.

Our first encounter with architectural structure near the National park was this historic chateau famously known as Chateau Tongariro. The name of it alone made us feel special and without any inhibitions we acted as though we were Counts and Countesses he he he.

That's the Grand Countess Wiz, the owner of this Chateau. She was kind to let us capture her picture in front of her property.

Tongariro Natioanal Park was gifted to the New Zealand people in 1887 by the Ngati Tuwaretoa tribe which has now been conferred as a World Heritage area. There are many walks offered by the park and one of them is the Tongariro Crossing, regarded as one of the best one day walks in the world. But of course we didn't have time for all those challenging walks with grannies and kiddies on tow. We were there solely for the snow! snow! snow! Just look at the happy faces below.

The biting cold forced us to cut short our time in the snow and hurry our steps to the well heated chateau. We were welcomed warmly by its staff although we were not staying guests at their premise. The chateau was lavishedly decorated with antiques everywhere and the ambiance was simply lovely. There was nothing much to do there except to visit the loo. While waiting for everyone to finish, the rest of the troupe gathered around the fireplace enjoying the stylish interior and seeping in as much of the scenery of Mount Ruapehu outside.

As we adjourned, we were bestowed with the resplendent view of the sunset. It was the perfect ending to a day that was filled with gratitude, contentment and syukur. We were truly blessed with the opportunity of enjoying this beautiful journey.

Almost everyone...

Next Entry : Whakarewarewa

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - Sesame Street

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Wiz said...

Da, like I'm gonna publish your comment!!!!

Ahau - Dee said...


You ni buatkan I nak percepatkan my tour jer ... suppose to be next year tapi nampak gayanya ... kena cepatkan sikit. Tak boleh jadi ni .. org kat Malaysia dah sampai ... I ni dok sangkut kat Auckland lagi ... he he he .. Snow pun tak nampak ... cuma nampak hail jer.

Azirah Mat Yusop said...

mane pic teacher fly??

Good Lookin said...

Ooooh, snow is so awesome, looks like fun! Actually, you can get a good camera for $500 but I wasn't sure what the total cost was going to be with the lens, the body, and any other stuff that comes with it. I'm going to browse some this weekend so I hope to find a nice one. And is Wiz your actual name? Like wizard? You can call me Loub by the way, that's what everybody does.

myheartbleeds said...

I am so glad you had a good time on your holiday! Sure makes me wanna go on one!

Akmal said...

Kak Wiz,
Waah loads of fun I see? Ada buat mr snowman tak?
BTW that lake looks gorgeous. Why don't you post a picture of the whole lake (without the mr flyingman, I mean hehehe)
Have a nice day.

yasmin said...

Wiz, so happy to see all the smiling faces here.. and quite difficult to pronounce nama tempat kat sini kan.

"let it snow, let it snow :) "

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...


Ms Fawizza,
thanks very much for ur comment..
It really go deep into my heart and i will surely remember your words and keep it deep in my neurons.. TQ

but i deny the sentence'soapy ancient teacher'.. ur not..and ur a superb active teacher with full of significant experience... I believe that..

I will always look back at all my teacher who have given me what it takes to be a great man.. THANKS..

Hope you will always visit me here in my tiny mini blog..

Wiz said...

Dee - No rush, take your time. You need to do it carefully and try to include every single thing New Zealand has to offer. I missed a lot of places due to time constraints.

Loub - It was indeed fun. Wished I had the SLR though. Then we could take more amazing pictures.

Akmal - Hey!!! the flying man is the scenery there. Doesn't he look awesome? he he he

MHB - Thanks. You should go and drive in a caravan with the two girls. It'd be lotsa fun.

Yasmin - Yes we were smiling all the way. It was planted on our face actually, couldn't rub it off due to the cold.

Ammar - Be sure to wave back k.