Friday, June 20, 2008

Part 3 : The Return to Middle Earth

First, meet the Hobbits...

and the Elves...
The original stars of the famous award-winning fantasy novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of The Rings.

Our journey to middle earth began right after breakfast departing from our Ellerslie Highway Motel Auckland and heading straight to Hamilton via Matamata. The two hour ride was brimming with excitement and commotion in our van due to our uncontrolled zest which resulted to the wrong turn at one juncture! Instead of staying on the planned route, we deviated onto the kampung road which took us along the winding country side, passing through the many valleys, farms, ravines, fields and fields of rolling greens and needless to mention the millions of sheep and cows! I reckoned, it was the best mistake we have ever made! Below are some picturesque sights we were opportuned to encounter.

We arrived at Matamata Visitor Information Centre just in time for the 2 hour tour. From that point we were transported to the remnants of the Lord of The Rings movie set located on a vast 10 acre beautiful farmland. Spectacular views of hobbit holes amidst the rolling green hills awaited us there. The Hobbiton movie set was situated on the Alexander's Family farm, primarily chosen by Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema as it resembled closely of the Middle earth described by Tolkien. The farm was thought to be the perfect venue with the existence of the pine tree which was known as "The Party Tree" standing in front of the lake. The surrounding rolling farmland was untouched by the 20th century clutter such as roads, buildings and power lines, making it the best setting for filming the trilogy.

After the completion of LOTR movie, the Hobbiton movie set was returned to its natural state. However hobbit holes and some structures from the film set are still in place especially for LOTR fans to appreciate and enjoy. This site is the only surviving set from the movie that has been reinstalled, reconditioned and restored for the purpose of tourists attraction.

Welcome to Middle earth folks...

Little Hobbit holes (not exactly how they look in the movies though. Peter Jackson barred anyone form reconstructing the exact holes depicted in the movies for copyright purposes.)

The infamous Party Tree captured from the inside of a hobbit hole.

A close-up view of the hobbit hole which has now become the home of the sheep.

A modern Hobbit visiting the ancient home of his ancestors.

The Reunion :Gandalf with the Hobbits and the Elves in their modern day costumes.

Right after the LOTR tour, we were presented with the opportunity to pet and feed the hand-reared sheep.

Happy Hobbits and Elves at the end of the tour.

After a long eventful day we drove ourselves to a cozy motel and retired there for the night.
Boundary Court Motor Inn
36 Boundary Road, Hamilton.
Tel: (07)8559082

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Hobbit - Enya

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Pak Idrus said...

Hey! there petite lady, Do make hay while the sun shines and enjoy living.

Travel open our mind and heart to the realty of living.

Have a nice day from us in Boston. Take care.

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Wiz,

Nampak gayanya lepas ni you kena bagi tips kat I pulak sebab I pun tak sampai lagi tempat ni ... I will email you soon okay.



Wiz said...

Pak Idrus - Yes, have made a lot of hay under tonnes of sunshine, now I am happy and gay!Thanks for the visit!

Dee - Ye nampak gayanya begitulah. It's a must go Dee, loved it there, especially if you are an ardent fan of the movie. I had goosebumps all over.

MamaFaMi said...

Wah bestnya gi makan angin. Nice scenery!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Wiz, i enjoy looking at all your photos so far and am hungry for more! The LOTRs tour was very impressive, definitely will put that on my itinerary if we ever visit NZ. Good writing also, i felt like i was there myself ; ) Cant wait for the following pics, hugs for now.

Edoras said...

Did you meet Frodo?? :)

Wiz said...

Mamafami - Best, but lepas tu tak best sebab pokai he he he.

Mush - Thanks Mush. Hugs back.

Edoras - I was with frodo at all times, even now.