Monday, June 16, 2008

Part 1 : Moo Zealand!

It was just like a scene from "Home Alone" the movie where everyone in the family rushed to the airport dragging bags, jackets,and kids. Alhamdulillah, we didn't forget anybody or anything for this journey. Medicine (seberokeh of ubats)oitments checked, instant noodles, instant soups checked, snack mamee and asam checked, 3 in 1drink sachets checked, socks, undies, chargers, camera, extra bajus, creams inhalers, mopiko and vicks all checked! We practically packed the mini version of our entire home content with us except for our Juara!

MH131 Kuala Lumpur / Auckland departed approximately at 8.40 pm. The 10 hour flight occupied us nicely, watching movies after movies and gradually left us sound asleep in our tiny weeny little spaces. The food served was fairly good, and the best thing about sitting with a child, you get to sample the food first before anybody else and of course you get that extra uneaten dessert portion from the kid's tray. As morning emerged, a glimpse of Aotearoa appeared on our oval windows. It was the prettiest sight I have ever seen at that point of the journey. We squealed and cheered at the view, signalling at each other in "We are almost here, yippy yay!" gesture. From then on, the camera never stopped clicking and I even fell almost on my face on the escalator for posing too long for my sis's camera. What is with me and falling kan? ha ha ha.
Travelling with a big group has many shortcomings. One of them is waiting for everyone to finish going to the toilet. We wasted quite some time at the airport using the loo. The cold weather was the culprit, I attested to that. After everyone's good, we adjourned to pick our 12 seater vehicle which was conveniently parked a few metres away from the airport.
And off we went to our first accommodation, loading off our luggage, food bags and more of the toilet material content before heading to our first motel.

After settling in our rooms, the kids gathered around and yours truly Makyang whipped up a teko of hot chocolate and took out a pack of biskut krakers tesco, and the kids ate like they have never eaten before. One whole pack and teko gone before your very eyes! Yang paling banyak makan was the budak yang pakai topi merah tu!

Ellerslie Highway Motel
384, Ellerslie - Panmure Highway,
Ellerslie Auckland.
Tel: (09)5793044
Next Entry : Queen Street Auckland.

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myheartbleeds said...

It sure looks like F-U-N!!! Can't wait for more updates!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the little butterfly that floats around your blog! And I showed my mom the pictures of your pastries and stuff and she said she wants to order some:)! I know where I have to place my order [that little link on the right] I just wanted to let you know and your journey looks like a lot of fun!