Friday, June 13, 2008

The Journey (to Middle Earth) Begins

A resolute decision between my family members(more between my sis and I) took place early this year ; to embark on our long kept dream journey, putting our busy schedules and our not so much money in the bank state aside once and for all. My preggy sister and I took the bungy plunge of purchasing the Airline tickets from MAS at the MAS Fair early this year without having an inkling of how we could pay for the rest of our family's expenses come June 5th. "...just book the tickets Da, worry about the rest later!" I kept reassuring her over the phone as she was sceptical about the entire thing whilst lining up to buy tickets for the whole family. Once the tickets were secured, we yayed and yippied ourselves as well as giving each other ideas on how to convince(or trick) our spouses who never knew what we had up on our sleeves he he he.

It has been my parents' wish to travel to the land of the long white clouds ever since forever! They kept talking about it every time we met, about driving the caravan around the countryside, about cooking outside, about gathering us adik beradiks together in one holiday trip. Everyone was always too busy, husbands and spouses, wives and menantus, kids and school. But it has to be done even if we had to fight, argue or bicker with our spouses and siblings about it. It was tough, the booking, the deciding, the planning, the money sourcing, the amount of can't imagine the work to making this happen. But you know what? we pulled it off! Alhamdulillah, we finally pulled it off! For someone who doesn't have a permanent income, I'd say it was a miracle to successfully finance this trip. The savings of my little cake business of the 2 years made it happen. I am leaping with my arms stretched out right now, gratified, thankful of the smooth journey, with all 12 of us boys and girls of young and old, back in one piece.

It is apt for me to share with you right now this journey of ours. A trip which was braved through poignantly in the wintry weather, a ride through icy roads with us bundled up in layers of T shirts and wind breakers constantly munching on bags of chocolate chip cookies and punnets of chips all the way through. The views from our little rented van were spectacular and needless to say the oooohs and the aaaahs at each and every picturesque scene we encountered.

And the oooohs and the aaaaaahs begin...
(But before that, need to catch my breath, do the laundry and gather pictures from all 4 cameras first, then I write)

Pippins Song - Lord of The Rings

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Everyone i knew that has been to New Zealand said it was breath taking, so i am waiting for this breathtaking pictures Wiz, hope it was there that u went ; ) Cos i know it wasnt Belgium! Big hugs, thats y i have been missing u too, hehehehhe

yasmin said...

Wiz, enough of keeping us in please !

Wiz said...

Mush and Yasmin - Thanks for your interest, but need to brush this sore throat and sakit sendi demam away as well as this nagging headache off. Will upload pictures soon.

Akmal said...

Peeeh ni nak kena ada beckground music ni ;)