Monday, June 23, 2008

Part 4: Exploring Glowworms

Day 4, Sunday 8th June. After checking out from Boundary Motel, we left for Turangi via Waitomo caves. My mother had warned me before the trip that she was not interested to watch any types of worms, glowing or otherwise. I managed to convince her that "glowworm" was just a name given to a cave which stalactites and stalagmites resembled glowing worms. After much fuss she agreed. Little did she know that they were in fact truly worrrrmms and yes they somehow glow!(laughs, sorry mak)
It wasn't an eekie yucky gooey experience, but more of an informative and magical adventure.

We were not allowed to take any photos whilst in the cave, so these are from Google.

The moment we entered the cave we were spellbound by the ancient underground labyrinnth of limestone caves and grottos. The formations of the stalactites and stalagmites which took thousands of years to form, resembling animals and other interestingly recognizable shapes, put us at awe. The whole gang including my aged parents had to scale the steep steps and tight and narrow paths in the caves. The trail continued on to a unique boat trip gliding silently through the starry wonder of glowworm grotto. We were advised not to make any noise as not to scare the bats or other cavey creatures away(of course we exagerated to the kids to make them quiet and the kids were quite terrified by this). In one boat, all 12 of us seated silently, well 13 of us including the guide, admiring the myriad of tiny glowworms lights flickering and glimmering reflecting off the water below. With our heads tilted, we gaped at the inexplicable beauty of the millions of glowworms above us and somehow appreciated the moment together in silence, in the dark, on a boat, in a cave, in the cold, in New Zealand! Trust me, that moment was a one in a million moment that could never ever be possibly recreated. Allahamdulillah.

You can read about the history of the cave and the glowworms here and here.

Some pictures taken at the entrance and exit of the cave.

Tracking back to the van. It was super cold by now.

Next Entry : Snow! Snow! We spotted Snow!

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Anonymous said...

I like this blog. for real!

berto xxx

Rohit Jain said...

hey this post was great, even I didn't know 'bout the glowing things :)
Happy blogging

AISHAH said...

jelesnye !!!!!!
mesti best gile..

yasmin said...

Hai Wiz, I thought it was going to be real worms too.. best nye trip you all ni. Anyway, can you email me your address, need to post the little chicken pot holder for you. My email Thanks.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand, not England [I'll make a mental note of that as to not sound stupid next time someone mentions Queens] Yes I do speak French and I used to take classes at the private shcool I attended, but now, public high school here I come! Caves are so cool [and scary with the bats and all]. I start daydreaming every time I read your blog because I wish I could be visiting all these places you and your family are traveling to. I'll take my kids there someday!

Queen Of The House said...

That was SOME family trip!!! Lots of fun and really worth it, I am sure. And you financed it all with the hours of baking? Lagi menakjubkan :D

Ms eNVy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! .. Looks like fun time! I'm so jeles hehehe ..