Monday, May 26, 2008

A Whole Lotta Work

I declined many orders last week folks, just to prepare for the upcoming ones ahead. I am uncertain if I could finish them all in time and still make it to my cousin's wedding with the promised cupcakes next Saturday. I conveniently had to miss his nikah ceremony at the girl's side in Seremban earlier last week (sorry Faiz). My husband was away, I was feverish and reasons like these made you look bad in the elders' eyes. Have got to justify myself next week, waaaaa!

Anyway, this is just my 1am tired thoughts on creating and baking. Here goes...

Baking and cake decorating require massive and cumbersome work folks, which would make the pekerja buruh at the construction sites appear too relaxed. The whipping, the baking, the creaming, the freezing, the mixing, the kneading, the layering, the remaking, the stirring, the thinking, the moulding,the waiting, the colouring, are all time consuming which take up days and days before the final cake is placed into a nice box for delivery. Customers are not solely buying a concoction of baked batter. They are laying the trust in a baker to create a personal piece of edible art. Yes, it's a form of art first and foremost, then a cake. Trust me, it's never easy with me. I give everything that I've got running through these veins onto the cake! Please don't value the cake by just calculating the price of the flour, the eggs, the butter, the chocolate. It's a whole lot more than that. It's the effort, time, and thoughts put in, which tag the cake its price. If you receive one of those elaborated cakes, please do not question the person who gives it, instead look her in the eye and express your thoughts in the most imaginative way possible, the same way she did when she composed her feelings onto this edible Art....or you could always reciprocate by ordering a wizcake and return her the favour!(wink)

It's 1.30am now, and my break is over. Back to the kitchen, moulding, kneading, whipping and all that jazzing and then scouring and cleaning.

Thanks so much Andriana for the order!

Thanks so much Yuliana and Iman for these too.

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elara said...

Emmm, I wonder how much calorie i need to burn if i were to have eaten all those lovely looking yummy cupcakes. As usual, they have never failed to amaze me - Creative betul you Whiz! I won't mind eating them all coz i am on spinning my latest entry.

Kak Elle said...

wiz eventhough I tried my best not come to come 'nak kontrol drooling at those yummy cakes'hehe ...tak bolih must visit to see the lovely decors...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting my blog, you were the first one. Your cupcakes look so good, it must be really fun [and tiring] to make all those pastries!

Theresa said...

Oh my God, your wedding cupcakes are outstanding!!! I would love to feature you on my website

I have created an article section to spotlight cake decorators. If you are interested, I would promote your business there.

Hope to hear from you! Terri

Wiz said...

Elara - You would burn all the calories right away elara with the rate you are exercising.

Kak Elle - You can drool and wet this page anytime you want. All the cakes are just an email away.

Terri, I have written to you, hope you got it. Yes, of course I would love to be featured. Thanks for the invite.