Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's In A Handbag?

Maira's Little handbag

Trust me, you do not want to know what's in mine!...but I am going to spill the contents to you anyway! he he he. I own this imitation Dolge & Gabbana huge sling handbag which my brother bought(thanks yeop!, he was forced to purchase it). I couldn't possibly make him buy the original, it'd cost a bomb. So anyway, in this huge black imitation bag lies enough ration to last one on a journey to nowhere.

And the journey to nowhere starts with

* Light appetizers of snek mammee and snek yum yum.
* Main dish of cheese biscuits and sometimes nuggets.
* Desserts of Yeos waffers and imitation of oreos (cream os)
* A bottle of alkaline water to wash all those good food down.

For emergencies the bag comes equipped with

* Hansaplus
* Cottonbuds
* Mopiko
* Vicks
* Inhaler
* Tea tree oil

For hygiene and self cleaning purposes

* Instant Antibacterial Hand Gel
* Tesco wipes
* Johnson's baby powder
* Tissue Paper
* Hairbrush
* Hair clips

For instant beautification

* Lipsticks

For activities to occupy kids with

* Papers ( bills, receipts, doyles)
* Scissor
* Cellophane tape
* Imitation UHU glue (UHA)

For D.I.Y.

* Measuring tape
* Thread and needle
* Calculator
* Knife
* Stapler
* Pens and Pencils
There you have it folks, my handbag! I wonder what's in yours? especially in Maira's the sweet little girl I made this handbag cake for. Tina my blog friend requested a handbag cake for her sweetheart and this is what I came up with. Instead of all the junk I filled my handbag with, Maira's bag is full of sweet Neapolitan cake as well as chocs, mentos, lip balm and a hair clip. Wished I could put more but the cake itself took me 12 hours to make. Sometimes Aunty Wiz is ridiculously slow! Thanks Tina for the order, hope Maira loves it. Happy Happy 9th Birthday Maira!

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ms hart said...

There's only one word to say it all - SUPERB!!

p/s wonderful blogging world this is, yes??!!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

WelCoMe back WiZ! Happy Birthday too! Big hugs. Funny entry babe, like this if i orb in at ANY time u r prepared to be whisk away to Belgium hahahahah. I just took a peak in my bag, if i am out with Nora i carry a rugsack and my own bag sling across me shoulders! Kekadang tu nampak cam karang guni women hahahah. FYI, inside my bag,

wallet, coin purse, chapstick, packet tissue, sunglasses, mobile phone, bunch of keys, pen & foldable shopping bag.

in nora's rugsack, which i carry around alot (sampai ada satu kali tu tertinggal dalam bas!) pampers, babywipes (ni wet tissue lah) bib, water bottle, tupperware full of snacks for Nora, nappy cream, comb, powder, perfumed plastic bags for dirty diapers or whatever else, foldable changing mat, umbrella, 3 raincoats (for Nora, me and the buggy!!) knife to cut fruits with (sometime we bring along apples or pears) small towel.

Thats all heheheh, cam gini pun, i can run away anytime to the airport kan!? heheheh

myheartbleeds said...

Wiz dear! Thank you soooooo much for such a lovely cake!!! Everyone loved it, not just the birthday girl alone!!! And the cake was sooooooo sedap too!!!

Again, soooooo sorry I made you spend 12 long hours on the cake!!! alaaaaahai...

You know, which part paling 'mahal' about the cake? Kat the zipper tu!!! so reallllll...

Thank you again, Wiz!!!

myheartbleeds said...

P/S: your pic of the cake looks much better than mine -- do you mind if I use it on my blog??? hehe

Wiz said...

Hart - Thanks so much. Yes, the wonder of blogging, is simply wonderful. Hey, I met you there, and that's just awesome.

Mush dearie - Wow your bag sounds bigger than mine. Since you can run away to the airport anytime, why don't you fly down here and join me for tea. I used to have all those nappy rash cream and other baby stuff, but now kids stuff have taken over!

Tina - I am soooo happy you guys enjoyed the cake. I tried to snap a photo of Maira but my camera yang ngok ngek tu takde bateri. Tension je. It would have been perfect if I could have her picture here in my blog.

Yes, you can take the pictures here, go ahead make my day!

Big Boys Oven said...

this beg really look awesome! wow! lucky I am not a lady, if not I will take it away from you as my prizr trophy! lol! hehhehe :) lovely!

MamaFaMi said...

Cantik sungguhlah kek handbag ni. I don't think I'll have the patience to do it myself. Bukan takat patience je tak de, talent pun tak de...muahahaha...

floweRinthedesert said...

You are SO talented! I will definitely order from you when Im next in need of a birthday/celebration cake! :)

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

alamak wix, looking at this gorgeous birthday cake, baru teringat that I have yet to advise you on hubby's bday cake....

soon ok... i promise!

kc said...

with all those hard work put in decorating the cake (12 hours?!), it must cost a bomb too huh? or not?

i must say, that's one helluva looking cake!

Anonymous said...

Lovely cakes, so creative :)

Part 1 of Mari Borong Promotion has started! Do visit us for bargin price Barbie dolls for ur cake’s decoration. Sudoku, kebaya and more, free delivery! TQ :)

tulipurple said...

wahhh,sis dah sihat all out ek,alhamdulillah.lama tak singgah sini.bilalah sy bley order lg kek from u..nnt nk order yg superb mcm ni..!

Wiz said...

Boys - You like handbags? Your wives are lucky people then. Since you cant parade them, your wives can. Your cakes are super duper more awesome!

Mamafami - I don't have the patience either, but when you've got to do it, I guess patience will resurface in everybody. No talent? What do you call all those great dishes in your blog tu? I am not as suku as rajin as you.

Flower - I'm not talented la, it's something which I take as a responsibility. So when it comes to you under that tag, you will do it well.

Anis - yes, start thinking now babe. Time is running out!

kc - Not! Price is biasa je. I would like to charge 500rgt for each of my cake, but then no one will order from me lagi. It's worth the price you pay for coz it takes quite an amount of work and a lot of your time. If you see me creating these cakes, trust me you are compelled to pay for more.

Qistina - Nice collection you have. Will have you in mind when I need to construct a Barbie cake lagi k.

Tulip - I'm just a call away. But try to order early alright. Thanks for dropping by.