Thursday, May 1, 2008

In Stitches!

Reading about angiomas prior to my visit to the doctor left me with second thoughts. Like they say, "Little knowledge is dangerous" but extra information is also as bad, especially when you own a very imaginative mind meandering wildly every 30 seconds or so thinking of the worst that could happen. It certainly didn't help a tinge for that extra boost of valor. And I needed not just valor that day, but the dauntlessness of the entire army of "Brave heart", "Lord of The Rings" and "Forbidden Kingdom" combined! Yes, I am as penakut as the tikus, especially when toreh menoreh and blood involved. Not my idea of a perfect weekend, folks.

The tiny bulge at the back of my head strategically resided around the nerve area and with urats as big as mine, hemorrhaging throughout the whole surgery was a big possibility. I quivered when I saw the doctor who was already in his OT robe and mask on. He had just performed several circumcisions for babies that day and had probably a good warm up with the knife. I wanted to just skip this whole surgery and escape through the back door. Suffice to say I didn't, there wasn't any back door, and couldn't, since my husband was guarding the front door just like the loyal queen's guard at Buckingham palace. To cut the story short, the minor surgery went without a glitch which only took around 25 minutes with me lying face down, cringing every single second. I had to hold the gauze myself after that, they could not tape it since I didn't shave my head bald. There was no skin to tape the gauze to, you see. So with one hand around my head and only one hand free, I fumbled badly dressing myself up. Whilst doing so, the doctor's son barged into the changing room I was in and saw more than he should...pppfthph! The door somehow was faulty and could not be locked, hence the doctor's son strange encounter! ha ha ha to me! It was one of those awkward days folks, which usually left you perplexed and in stitches! literally, at the end of the day. Nevertheless, I am so thankful alhamdulillah, for the smooth procedure, couldn't have asked for more. I still have my stitches on, hopefully to have it removed next week. Here's hoping the hair would grow back fast and wishing even harder that the bulge doesn't resurface.

Thanks ever so much for the warm wishes I received via sms and blog comments. Appreciate it more than I could express myself here.

Ps. The doctor's son was a little 5 year old boy, don't get any ideas now.

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Salina said...

Alhamdulillah wiz. I am glad that everything went smoothly. But to work the very next day after your surgery (teaching + baking) really need to slow down a bit Wiz!

I am trying to find out more about your 'bulge' from the doctors over here particularly about its causes.

Do take care Wiz


Wiz said...

Thanks Salina. A woman has got to do what she has to do, or else nothing will be done!

Thanks so much for calling me the other day and also for asking about my ailment. Talk to you soon.