Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cakes of Haste

Working in a haste has two outcomes, you either make it or break it! And since the orders came form my next of kin and relative, I guess it's okay if I accidentally break it, he he he hoping they would still accept me unconditionally.

The first cake was from my sister who ordered a strawberry shortcake for her little Isha. Everyone knows how I suck with butter cream especially in the drawing on cake department. Seriously, I am the worst there ever is. I figured if anyone noticed the jaggedly and smudgy sloppy surface of the cake, I would try use the
"intentionally done, homemade look " excuse.

I think I did ok this time.

The second cake was from my cousin who ordered it for her sister Kak Lin. When you work at a forced speed, things tend to run off the alignment, instantaneously making the whole affair a disastrous one. I ran out of the souffle cup and didn't have the time to dash out and get some more. I had to use the normal flimsy cups which could not contain the "extra soft ganache" that was poured on top of each cake. The ganache refused to set making it difficult to drape them with fondant. The fondant slid, moved and drifted away from the cakes. Drastic measures had to be taken and in the end, alhamdulillah, they survived the journey to PJ.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder why am I still in this biz.

Thanks Ida and Adik for the order. We are still related...right?

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