Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Under A Baking Spell

Salaka doo La michikaboo
La bidibida bidibooo!
Join them together
and what have you got?
orders you can't say No to!

I have been cast! under many baking spells folks. The announcement has been put up, the pledge to my kids and other half have been made and the promise to myself has also been written down in my head. However, ever since the announcement, I have yet to put my whisk, spatula and mixer down. Everyone is pouting, the kids especially. The husband is sighing, yours truly is cringing. The only being on this planet that is enjoying my nonstop baking venture is certainly the ants of many colours and sizes. Yes, folks throw the eggs and the rotten vegetables to me now, I am guilty with the capital letter G! I am still baking.

This is an overview of how I got into this sweet cake mess. It is however, pleasantly sticky I tell ya.

I have accepted orders and recorded them nicely on my calender. And the last cake was supposed to be baked a week before last. Prior to this "temporary hanging the apron event", I have had friends and regular customers placing their "open date" orders which mean they could have my cakes anytime they fancy. To my surprise, all these open date orders rushed in at the same time. I could not decline as I have given them my word. And so in the kitchen this old haggard with her crooked cane was, all week. I still have many orders to fulfill and fulfilling them I shall! I just have to postpone the promise I made to my family a little bit longer. The jigsaw puzzle would all come together in June, where we would take that long awaited break from all this madness. But before that event takes place, there are wedding cakes to construct, more engagement cupcakes and wedding cupcakes to decorate, kids' exam to hurdle through, adopted Arab overgrown children's exam to write and mark and lastly our bags to pack. Till then, you can throw me anything folks, coz I'll throw them right back atcha!

These are some of the cakes that managed to get snapped, before the camera snapped on me. Sorry da about the camera, will try to fix it. Just think about the cupcakes I'm gonna do for you this weekend...yes close your eyes now...

I would like to thank Anne for the many boxes of the simple chocolate cakes, Lynn for the double order of the country pink design, Sarah for the funky muffs and Farin for Luq's treat. I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Ps. I broke my brain when my camera, more accurately my sis's refused to work on me. So many cakes were not recorded. Managed to snap a few, but as you can see they are over exposed somehow with visible lines. Does anybody know where I can fix my camera?

2 treats:

Akmal said...

Salaam kak.
Haha, Kak Whiz in baking frenzy! Waah, sounds like business goin' great :D
As for your camera, I suspect the sensor damaged. Try go to any branch of There should be one in IOI mall, I can't say for sure. But there's definitely one at SS2 and Time Square.
Have a nice day :)

Wiz said...

Akmal, Thanks for the info. Will run over there asap.