Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As I was sifting through students assignments in between my baking and kids' exam tutoring, I had my itchy finger meddling with this tiny growth at the back of my head. Before I could even flinch, blood was trickling down my neck, soiling the football jersey I was wearing and I could hear my kids screaming. "Ma! banyaknya darah!" I instantly reached for the wet tissue in my handbag and pressed onto the affected area. After the tenth tissue, blood was still trickling. I then took some ice and rubbed it onto the wound, which helped in the slowing down of the blood flow. After a while, it stopped and I was already feeling a little bit weak by then. It was too late to go to the clinic and I was too tired anyway, so promised my husband that I would go and have it checked the first next morning.

The doctor couldn't make out what it was and wrote me a referral letter to have it examined at the hospital for fear of it being cancerous. The trip to the hospital was flooded with gamut of emotions, fearing for the worst. I had a terrible headache throughout the journey, which didn't help to ease my concern. My husband as most days was occupied with his duties at the office but he rushed to the hospital to meet me as soon as I broke the news to him. Alhamdulillah the surgeon was in and I was able to make an appointment on the same day. The growth at the back of my head was diagnosed as Cavernous angioma, benign in nature, insyallah. Nevertheless, I still have to undergo a minor operation scheduled this Saturday. The OT is not one of my favourite places to be in. The last time was horrifying, the big round lights, the needles, the masked doctors and nurses, the smell of antiseptic solution and of course the knife. It would only be a small incision folks, but still I shudder on just the thought of being clad in a hospital robe.

I need to get some rest after this. I think I have overdone it this time. I had to cancel a few orders (so so so sorry, especially to suzana) My head still hurts from the bleeding and my heart still pounds of fear. I need to go through this once and for all to avoid future hemorrhaging. That's all for now folks. Will write as soon as I am off from the bandage.

Ps. There goes my locks, need to shave some parts of my head now.

Cakes of last week. Thanks so much to Sarah, Mel and Intan. Appreciate it.

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jasmin ali said...

what happen to u actually??!!
are u okay now??!!
i really hope that u're fine...
dont forget to tell us bout that later, okay...

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

kak wiz..
dont worry about me..
i will find someone to do the cake.
u take care okay???!!

jasmin ali said...

ila is crying badly..
like cats and dogs..
she hope u get well soon..
khalilah said..
i said...

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

oh dear! r u alrite wiz? it's already half past 11 and i really wanted to call you but u might be fast asleep by noww...

take care babe!

Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

i do hope you slow down a bit. i have been worried about you since the last time i saw you in january.
All the baking and teaching must have taken a toll on your health. Don't like to see you shrinking anymore! Are you having your asthma attack again wiz? will try to call you up this weekend.

you are in my prayer wiz. do take care my dear friend.


wan said...

Ya Allah, Kak Wiz, here's praying for your well being. Hope everything will be ok. Take a good care of yourself..

myheartbleeds said...

Wiz, you take care, ok? Have lots of rest and insyaAllah, the minor operation will turn out ok. We'll pray for you...

kc said...

take care of yourself wiz. the cake orders can wait. just settle it once and for all.

Ummi said...

Wiz, please take care. I hope everything will be alrite with you. My doa to you for this coming operation. Jangan susah hati sangat. Insyaallah everything will be alrite. Take lots of rest dear, you need it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wiz,
Take care & get better soon.
Rest well...friend :)

Jasmine Taib said...

Alamak Ka Wiz! I hope all will be ok kalau u dekat I would have sent you some pavlovas to cheer you up! My world is also upside down as somehow my hotmail account has been hacked and all my friends on my contacts have been getting weird e-mails from me supposedly stranded in Malaysia!! I now have to start all over with new contacts list and new e-mail. Anyway I pray for your speedy recovery so we can continue to see your lovely creations!!
Warmest Regards

naeem said...

salam alaykom :
Hope you regain your health as soon as possible , and see you again healthier than before among students who like to be thought with one of the bests.
the memory of ALLAH be always with us

yasminsanusi said...

Wiz, insyaallah all will be fine. Don't worry too much. My prayers are with you.

Big Boys Oven said...

hey babe! don't over work, you need to take good care of yourself! get well soon!

elara said...

Whiz;Take good care of yourself and get well soon.

Wiz said...

Jasmin Ali - I'm ok girls! It's something that I have been putting off for far too long. Insyallah I will be okay and hope to see you monday for class.
Anis - Thank you ever so much Anis!!! I'm truly alright. Just need to do this. Hope to be making your husband a piece of you for his bday.

Suzana - I would be thinking about all your little flower pots. They make me happy. Thanks for your concern.

Myheartbleeds - Thanks for including me in your prayers. It means a lot.

Salina - I have cancelled a lot of orders Salian, so I will be taking that much awaited rest soon. SO don't worry ok. I have stopped shrinking too.

Wan - Thanks Wan for your warm thoughts. WIll take a lot of rest after this and slow down a bit.

kc - Yes, the others can wait, your health can't. I learnt that the hard way. Have been procrastinating to see the doctor. Thanks for the wishes. Appreciate it.

Ummi - I will Ummi. Thanks so much. I will try not to worry. It's all in the mind, yeah?

Nina - Thanks Nina. Sweet of you. Hope to bump into you at BMT one day.

Jasmine Taib - CAn't you still send those pavlovas by air? WOuld really love some. The doctor did mention to have lots of pavlovas for recovery, he he he. Thanks for the thought and for your future effort of sending me those pavlovas.

Yasmin - Nice of you to leave a note of warm thoughts here. I don't think you ever had before. WIll collect all the nice wishes and keep them nearby.

Naeim - Thanks for those lovely words. You always know what to say. You write better than you speak actually. Hope to see you Tuesday. Now, I think you know why I was so overwhelmed the last time, yea?

BigBoysOven - What's baking guys? Thanks for your warm wishes. I guess I am not as strong as you guys who can take a long haul. That's why almost all chefs are men.

Elara - So have you gotten a chance jumping on your neighbour's trampoline?

mamazieza said...

Wiz. take care and lepas the 'monor surgery' tu you rest betul2 ekk.. gi ngajar kat kelas jerr.. kat dapur tak payah ajar... at least a week or two.. InsyaAllah.. mama dan kengkawan lain akan mendoakan semuga Wiz akan tabah esok.. dan selamat semuanya dan kembali seperti biasa InsyaAllah.. Amin.

Pak Idrus said...

Hey!! Lady, take it easy. It is part of living and I am sure you would be OK after that surgery.

Life is like that, the up and down, the smooth and the rough, the joy and the gloomy, the gray and the colorful. Life is a journey full of adventure. In any adventure the are bound to be some hic-up along the way. That Lady is the wonder of living.

Have a nice day and take care.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Dear Wiz, i wish so hard u learnt how to slow down and rest, u r not a robot Wiz! Hai, i doakan that this is all just a glinch, nothing too serious nor will it come back! I think God is sending u a message to slow down Wiz, i hope u wont ignore it. Please take care and dont worry over the top or UNneccessarily ok, insyaAllah everything will be OK Wiz. Kita doakan for you & your family, insyaAllah. Big hugs from your friends & fans in Belgium.

tulipurple said...

semoga DIA akan selalu melindungi dan mempermudahkan segala urusanmu dear sis...take care,speedy recovery!

Big Boys Oven said...

Hey Wiz,

We are trying to do our best. We are now teaching macarons, hopeful it will be trendy soon! We are also designing new cakes.
Oh we did have some inquiries and we direct them to you as you are the cupcake queen! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

wiz, you got to get well soon as we want to meet up, I am sure we will have a lot to talk talk takk over a couple of warm coffee.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wiz, things happen for a reason, and i believe this one means, you need attend to only yourself for awhile.

Be well friend.