Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Saat Yang Bahagia

It's my father's and brother's birthday today. Nothing was planned. We couldn't do much really, since my husband was away, my mum was at my sis' place taking care of her during her confinement period. I, on the other hand was quite busy tending to my new class hours and baking at the same time. My father was stationed at my sis' place, entertaining his gang stars and finishing up all the kerepeks to the last serbuk. My son, the brightest star of all had to get his eyes infected with Conjunctivitis. There were thick crusts around his eyes, all red and watery, which of course gave him many days off from school. As a result, "Aki" had to be kidnapped for a couple of days to look after my irritable son whilst I went out to find us that extra McDonald's trips allowance.

The Detention period for Aki : 2 days.
The penalty : To serve time with the chatty red crusted eyed A'dnin.


A'dnin's eye conditions did not pose as a difficult punishement, but apparently his chatty, non stop blabbering was. He was talking from sunrise to sunset to midnight till all the lights were off. He talked on the way to Tesco, at Tesco, at the food court and on the way back, seriously non stop. Aki was his best friend for those two days, converting him into his "rides", his experiments, mostly his companion. He sprayed water on Aki's head and watched the tiny specs of water trickling down to his temple just for the fun of it. In other words, he was a nightmare to the grandfather, well in a cute way I hope. LOL


The second day falls on Aki's birthday, which is today. There were no gatherings, fancy shmancy birthday set up, or even candles on the cake. There were just us, A'dnin, Iman, mama and "the just arrived sleepy baba from his trip". It was 6.15 am, everyone was still clad in their pyjamas, even Aki. I stayed up to bake him a chocolate banana cake the night before so at least, a cake was present to mark his birthday. We also managed to get him a small little gift as a token for his 69th year which of course was incomparable to the two days of baby sitting the bright spark.

So, Aki, here's wishing you a Happy happy happy 69th birthday and many many more. Also a note to say thank you for looking after your exact mirror reflection. Hope you had fun.

With love
A'dnin, Iman, me and azam.

Ps. Happy Birthday Yeop! I packed you some cakes, get them at Ida's place.

P. Ramlee's song for the listening pleasure of Aki. Saat Yang bahagia with anin, he he he.

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ms hart said...

Wiz! This is so cute - I smiled all the way through this entry!! I can almost feel that bonding between those two important 'boys' in your life! And I can also imagine what fun they must have had!! Hey, happy birthday to Aki! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki! (Eh, rhymes pulak!)

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

Selamat Ulangtahun yg ke-69 Aki! Semoga Panjang Umur & Di murahkan rezeki..... oh! Wiz, how i miss my arwah abah... *sobsob*

Mrs ZYI said...

soo niceeee..;) aki must be proud and touched at the same time having a daughter who's really terer in baking cakes (and decorating them too) with so much love and passion..

anak abaahh..abaah mana tak bahagiaaa..

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Selamat Hari Jadi to your dad Wiz, Semoga panjang umur, sihat2 selalu dan murah rezki nye = ) He must very proud to have such a daughter like you Wiz. You are so lucky to hv your dad around still, i miss mine = ( Well, hugs for a great weekend, catch u soon again i hope ; )

suealeen said...

Selamat Hari Lahir kepada Aki akak. Kek tu nampak sungguh menggiurkan... pas le kat sini sket