Saturday, April 19, 2008

...and it's been a year

19th April 2007, was the first post published on this blog. I had only a bagful of stories then to share with a just an ovenful of cake pictures to spare. In the beginning, the blog was to serve the purpose of recipe sharing, (I know I haven't been doing much of that now), kids' tales telling, stories rendering and anguish relating. But as I punch these keys away through out the year, it became more of a cake journal than anything else.

Many have asked me how many cakes have I done? I could never be able to answer that question,even if I tried really really hard. All I could say every time was "...not enough". But now, I am ready to say just the opposite. I am tired and weary. I have stretched myself so thin that I might snap back and would probably hurt the people around me. The exhaustion is unbearable at times, but I persevered nevertheless just to make ends meet. Baking used to be an exciting affair, now it has turned into a nightmare due to the inadequate time and my lack of management skill. yes my fault Maybe I just need a break...for awhile. I have not treated myself to anything for quite sometime, in fact from the moment the kids were born. Submitting myself to the chores and to the responsibilities of being a full time mum and full time of everything else have taken a toll on me. I could not remember when was the last time I went out alone or with friends, or to the salon to have a decent hair cut.

It's long over due. I need to do this. I need to look in the mirror and see me. I need those hand cream badly to replenish this dry wrinkly hands. I need those expensive shampoo to leather my hair and make it not frizzy again. I need new clothes to look like I live in the 21st century not clothes from my KPP days, which I still wear! I need more than a pair of shoes, like the rest of the ladies I know. I need to be selfish just for one moment, without cringing of guilt and I am cringing as I write this.

In retrospect of it all, come to think of it, all I need has been granted right from the start. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, kids who just can't take their hands of me and the time to do the things I love - baking and cake decorating and teaching. I just have to know how to manage my time and learn how to decline orders that I could not have time for. I know I am contradicting myself here, soooo me. I must be thankful for what I have and not just complain away. So, on this note, on this 1st anniversary post, I would like to thank the nicest of people who have ordered and also to the best of blog friends who have left comments and beautiful words here for me. This blog has served me well, much more than I could give back. I am thankful for all that. May there be more posts to come...more of you and more of me.

Ps. I ran out of brownies.

Here's a glimpse of some cakes for the past one year.

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Ummi said...

I was talking to a friend yesteday about your blog, surprising she has ordered from you.

You really did a great job.I wish you stay nearby or the other way round. so that i can order from you for every occasion..

Wiz said...

Ummi - people like you make me want to bake and bake and bake. Thanks.

khalil said...

Go!GO! teacher! GANBATTE!

u have my prayer!

Azirah Mat Yusop said...

Teacher, don't force yourself too much okay. I know you love baking soo sooooo much, but you must spend some time for yourself too. Yeah, it's all about time management I guess. Hehe. Uh, teacher semakin kurus ke? Ingatkan mmg kurus. I'm so sure your weight is just around 45kg. Betul tak? If less than that, next time saye jumpe teacher, saye sumbat kek byk2 bg teacher makan! Haha. So, start from now,go go go get your hair treatment, your hand cream, latest fashion wear, and two or more 4 inches heels. Hahaha.;D

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Dearest Wiz,

Happy 1st blog anniversary, i wish you the best for the years ahead, i look forward to alot of cakey & family stories from you. I think despite of all the challenges Tuhan has thrown at you, u hv come out alive & well and even more stronger! Remember my friend, what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger ; ) So keep on blogging cos its a way to release all that is bottled up!

Big hugs from your fans in Belgium
Mush, Brecht & Nora

ms hart said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favouritEST blogs!! (sorry teacher, bad english!! he he he) Sorry, tak pandai nak buat birthday cake cantik2 for you, dear Wiz!! But you DO deserve all things beautiful, as beautiful as your heart is! *Hugs

yasmin said...

Whiz, congrats from me too! Keep on baking..

elara said...

Happy first blog anniversary. You have sweated it out that one year in baking cakes & cupcakes, a worthwhile expenditure of time. Keep it up and don't forget to treat yourself.

wizcakes said...

Khalilah - Thanks so much for the your word of "ganbatte" whatever it means.

Azirah - wrong! am not 45kg. You want to sumbat keks in my mouth? I have had enough of cakes already, anymore would make me sick and become even thinner. But thanks for your thoughts. Sweet of you princess azi!

Mush - yes, it has made me stronger and more vigilant to excess sugar intake! Will keep on blogging just for you.

Hart - Your favouritest blog? *blush* That's the most correctest English ever written here Hart, why the worry about your grammar? Thanks for your wishes and your thoughts of making me a cake. Tak buat beli pun tak pe. Am not the fussy type.

Elara - I treat myself by not making cakes. The only way I can think of treating myself. But I like treating others more, by baking for them. Hence the never ending story.

I am Ann said...

lovely lovely cakes. cant wait to order one myself ... tunggulah bila nak balik nanti

Wiz said...

Thanks Ann. When are you coming back?