Monday, March 3, 2008


Well folks! This is it. This is my last entry of the novelty line and so I would like to think...he he he. I have a few more after this, entertaining close friends and relatives' requests. Starting from today onwards I would only accept the simple swirl and frozen cake orders.

Thanks for sharing with me this little cake journey of mine right from the very first cake up until now. It's been quite a ride, bumpy and all, a Juara turned band wagon at times with numerous cakey mishaps, mistakes, and blunders. Nevertheless it was certainly eventful, enriching and most importantly an expansive learning experience.

I will still be around relating my stories and like always sharing that tall glass of chilled chocolate milk, well...only if you care to stay. So until...

Thanks so much Yati for giving me the trust to attempt the non dairy version of everything.

Thanks Boss!

3 treats:

suria said...

Hai Whiz

I tried your mom yellow cake.Read my blog to know how it turn out.

Salina said...

I miss you very much wiz. Apologise that I don't have much time for visiting as i am now under two weeks' intensive training. Alhamdulillah i'm glad to be working with the the XXX company. They are so professional and each of the staff has a world class work ethic. Since the company has branches all over the world including all parts of australia i feel very much secured now. I can easily be transferred to any of the branches there when i emigrate to australia this october (if i still want to work with the company) . Being a new broom, there are many ropes that i've got to learn. The best thing is it's just five minutes' walk from my house and i can even cook for lunch during my one hour lunch break.

And at night, i am still reading and writing - continuing my research for my next book. And in the evenings occassionally i have to go to the hospital to get some data from the nurses (the only time that i am free).

Take care wiz and i know you are as busy as a bumble bee too!


kc said...

orang baru nak start blog balik hang dah gantung apron? huwaaaaa....