Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pleasing The Pleases

Yes, I am officially on a cake leave right now.
No, I am still baking and cake decorating.

I was at my level two class the other day and the lesson was all about how to construct questions using Be and Auxiliary verbs. I wonder how would they create the questions for the answers above.

Apparently, I have become more of a baker first, then a teacher. Which ever way the order is, I am still baking and I am still teaching which only mean I am still breathing and striving to serve cakes for my kids. It's nice to see them having the luxury of licking the icing on the cake once in a while. Alhamdullilah for all that.

A glimpse of cakes these past few days...

Thanks a bunch Aishah. Aishah is a superb chocolate maker folks. She bakes too. I don't see why she needed to order from me.Have a look at her products, you'll love them.

Thanks Azlia!

Thanks again Teacher Alia! and also not forgetting Hilmy (the nice guy on the block) for these orders.

Hope everyone is pleased with their cakes. I am pleased to please you.:0)

9 treats:

Ummi said...

I love looking at your cakes. Rasa sayang nak makan. Nak order jauh sangat..takpelah tenguk pun dah mengenyangkan.

Wiz said...

Thanks ummi. Tak yah sayang2 nak makan, pejam mata perongap je, he he he.

AISHAH said...

assalammualaikum Wiz,

We all perabih kek pada malam sebelum kenduri kawin, so ramai yang dapat rasa your cake....dah la cantik, sedap plak..thx. the reason I order cake from u, ni kes jatuh cinta pandang pertama la wiz..

Wiz said...

Aishah, it was nice meeting you the other day. Actually I nak order you bittersweet choc to give my mum, but I knew it was too late to order. So maybe insyallah next time ya. Thanks for ordering, segan sebenarnya nak jual kat you, coz you lagi terror in terms of baking ni.

U.Lee said...

Hello Wiz, was really thrilled and surprised see you pay me a visit. Suda lama ta'jumpa, ha ha.
Wow! Your cakes look so deliciously beautiful. I can even get the scent here.
Can I come over have two slices? Ha ha.
Re your handwriting, you 'being an open book', I don't think so, and I'm afraid I will not attempt to guess what your writing is like as we only met recently, and don't chat that often, unlike some others of my readers already dekat dua tahun.
But off hand, you are from what little I've read your postings, a very kind, warm, sentimental, passionate, can be emotional at times, moody sometimes lovely lady.
And a very humble one too, ha ha.
But I will take a calculated guess, your 'd', 'l' have slim loops, your 'g', 'y' have ahemmm, nice loops, *wink*, ha ha.
I think maybe your 't' as a curvy upstroke?
Okay, thats all I dare guess...till I get to know you better, ha ha.
Senang datang, ya? You take care, and happy baking, Wiz, best regards, Lee.

Wiz said...

Sir Lee, miss you really. Thanks for analyzing my writing. Yes, I guess one could tell that I am emotional and moody and sentimental and everything la. Yes, I am also paasionate in my work be it teaching or baking. Too passionate in fact to the extent of getting hurt if I do not receive the same amount of passion back. When I do something I give it my all and I guess it has become more of my weakness rather than my strength.

It's sooooooooooo nice having you here again.

U.Lee said...

Hello Wiz, just to say terima kaseh seribu for making my night with your really warm compliments, I give you Elvis Presley's favourite cake. He very often get his lady cook to bake this for him. This actual recipie.


3 cups granulated sugar
1/2 pound butter, softened
7 eggs, at room temperature
3 cups cake flour, sifted twice, divided
1 cup whipping cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Butter and flour a 10-inch tube pan.

Thoroughly cream together sugar and butter. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Mix in half the flour, then the whipping cream , then the other half of the flour. Add vanilla extract. Pour batter into prepared pan. Set in a COLD oven and turn heat to 350 degrees F. Bake 60 to 70 minutes, until a sharp knife inserted in cake comes out clean. Cool in pan 5 minutes. Remove from pan and cool thoroughly.
Then invite Uncle Lee come for coffee. Lee.
ps, we are exactly 12 hours BEHIND your local time. It is now 10pm Monday night, you 10am Tuesday morning. Best regards, Lee.

Wiz said...

Lee - Have you tried the recipe yet, is it any good. Mat Saleh's tekak is sometimes different from ours you know, he he he. But I will try and then snap pictures and then telepathically send them over, howzat?

yt said...

wiiizzzz...oh! oh! cantiknya ur cake utk aishah tu...
sooo beautifully done. u r really2 one creative creature with loads of elegant ideas.
kalau banding dgn my cakes..rasa jauuuuhh je..