Friday, March 7, 2008

National Geographic Special

Amidst the lush uncropped greenery at wiz's sanctuary, the perfect location for animals' breeding ground, lies a variety of new species of animals. It's amazing how this little place has received many uninvited guests over the past years, guests which would make anyone cringe at their presence. Neighbours and nearby visitors have often flocked this natural sanctuary for its ability to host different types of rare species, truly a kingdom animalia in the making!

Wiz's sanctuary has so far recorded at least four dissimilar visits ranging from 3 foot lizard or scientically known as lizarthusimmus gellinyas, a wild bird as big as the chicken known as ayammus kamspungxtisus, a forest owl termed as burungitus ghostytis and the most recent habitué being the shoe string snake known as slithritimaxes kenitizes.

The latest collection to wiz's sanctuary, the slithritimaxes kenitizes has apparently made friends with the owner's children. One of the kids spotted how the snake was constantly waving at him by shaking its head. Adnin, the only son of this family believed that the snake even smiled at him occasionally showing its tongue to extend its friendship. The owner of this sanctuary however has denied allegations that she is endangering the lives of her children, assuring the public that safety measures have been installed in the house to prevent the limbless reptile from entering their resident.

More updates will be published soon in the next National Geographic Special issue where our team will get real facts on this unique place and its peculiar family.

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Salina said...

So there is a Harry Potter in BSL - you never know they have been communicating with each other for quite sometime! *wink*