Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Dewan Filled with Harmony

Since its official opening on 17 August 1998, I have only ONCE, made my presence inside this luxurious and prestigious music hall. I was there with my own musical circus troupe to attend one of their many amazing concerts and to say I was mesmerized would truly be an understatement. The experience was beyond words and my wildest imaginations(talk about being jakun here).You've just got to inhale the atmosphere, taste the ambiance first hand and be immersed in the beautiful music served on a golden platter. You need not be a classical music enthusiast nor a learned musician to appreciate the crisp melodies. A tone deaf person like me with no knowledge whatsoever of musical notes or musical instruments could still be thoroughly entertained. If you have the interest but not the fund to bring your family, worry not as DFP offers numerous friendly family packages and special programmes for kids. Your children would love the melody and the rhythm played in this world class state-of-the-art classical concert hall.

A good recent example is the family fun day concert which carried the theme of "Red Riding Hood". There was story telling, and kids were encouraged to come with the themed costume either as little red riding hood or the big bad wolf. For those who dressed up would get little door gifts of character cupcakes made by yours truly of course! .

I was given the opportunity by Dewan Filharmonik Petronas to complement the activities with my cupcakes, a chance which I undertook with a shiver in my spatula actually, nevertheless glad to be informed that everybody loved them.

Red Riding Hood posing with the cupcakes

At the entrance of the hall.

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Ummi said...

You are being honored to be given an opportunity to make cupcakes for the event. Can add more to the resumelah..clap clap

U.Lee said...

Hello Wiz, how are you? Hope this finds you well.
Wow! That concert hall is awesome, fantastico!
What shows they have there?
Anyway, you take care and happy baking, UL.

alia said...

Wow! Bravo! The idea was great & needless to say, your cupcakes are awesome. Gives me an idea for the children's party one of these days but I shall patiently wait till after July...BTW, do drop by to Teacher Jessy's blog one of these days Though it's mainly on the 5-yr-old class but she wl try to snap some of the other classes whenever she can.

elara said...

Why is it that every time i hop in here i feel really hungry. How did you manage to have those nice drawings on your cupcakes? You must be an artist too besides a Whiz on the spatula. ohh! I need to buy some bagel, scones and cupcakes at the Morrison's later.

yasmin said...

Hi Whiz, congrats on the JV with the Orchestra ! Where did you learn to make all this beautiful cakes ?

Wiz said...

ummi - Thanks so much. I wont be needing a resume since I am my own boss he he he.

U Lee - Next time you are here maybe you can check this place out k. Super cool.

Alia - Thanks Alia, awesome? you're just to kind with your words. I have seen others which are far better. Project? does it invlove my cupcakes?

Elara - Next time b4 you singgah sini make sure you've just had your meals k, he he he. ooooooooo I love bagels, scones pretzels...

Yasmin - Hi! Thanks for dropping in. To answer your question, seriously from nowhere. Just went along with the flow and try to outdo yourself everytime.