Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cakes In Between

White grass inspired by Yatt's cupcakes.
Much thanks to Mr. Faizal. I apologize for the missing cookies in the cookie monsters.

A bunch of thanks to Ezlin. Hope you like the whole do.

Heartfelt thanks to Azrina for the muffs orders. This is as cute as I could come up with.

Wiz just got back from class and now rushes back to the kitchen and races against time to finish a few more orders.(Panicking)

Thanks for looking!

4 treats:

kaezrin said...

kak whiz...those cakes are super duper delicious and cuppies tuh x cukup...i should have order more..

cake tuh mmg superb banget....

tahnx a lot..and thanx for melayan all my kerenah plus the delivery too....i a recommendaing u to everyone...

wiz said...

Ezlin, hey thanks a lot. I seldom get customers and friends comments in my blog, actually you are the first. I have been under the impression that my cakes suck! Serious! Sooooooooooo glad you and the rest like it. The mickey mouse was made from melted chocolate and not buttercream, so that I don't have to use too much of black for the ears, I am not a fan of too much artificial colourings in my cakes, only if requested je, I would do. Thanks again for the order, been wanting to sms you, but I was so busy with my class.

wan said...

All in one day, Kak Wiz? Wow..
Can see Efi's mickey mouse birthday cake.. nampak pun sedap.. rugi tak dapat rasa if not mesti dah dapat rasa kat nusa *sigh*

Wiz said...

Wan - Thanks for recomending me to Ezlin. Were you supposed to go to Ezlin's house for the party?