Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Fluttering by,
was a butterfly,
it hovers, it takes
on all my cupcakes.

One and two, came,
followed by many,
so beautiful, so tame,
they became my company.

Fluttering to finish up,
stretching my affinity,
the butterflies helped out,
and snuggled there beautifully.

I made them little flowers,
to accompany them in their journey,
May they be the wonders,
for the tired and the weary.

The butterflies take the part,
soothing the eyes of the beholder,
specially made for the lady of Hart,
only the best and the nicest for a fellow blogger!

Hart ordered 5 boxes of these and it took me quite a while to complete them, phew! Thanks so much Hart for the order!

10 treats:

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

gorgeous! they are absolutely gorgeous wiz!!!! i dont think i'd eat them! i'd probably stare and stare and take them to sleep with me!

lots of love,

ms hart said...

Wiz, true like what aidan's papa & mama said - your creations are simply GORGEOUS!! just like the creator??? hmm... thank YOU for willing to 'layan' our order!! So nice to have met you, madame!!

Wiz said...

Zaza - Thanks! I owe MissHart for the compliments. It was on her call to do the butterflies and the flowers. And she is the nicest customer ever! For someone nice like that, you'd push yourself to give the best.

Hart - It was a pleasure meeting you too. Somehow it felt like we have known each other for so long and you were so huggable and cute. Wished I had more time to hug you longer, he he he. Gorgeous? it was dark Hart, how can you tell?

ms hart said...

wiz!!! you are soooo funny! that reminds me, when I was schooling, a friend called me 'Panda' and i called her 'Tuan' (as in 'owner')!! Haiya...means I've been huggable for too long already laaahh!!! hahaha

ADIEJIN said...

wizzy wiz wiz the wiz wizzer

Kak Teh said...

salam, came here from Ms Harts and am so impressed. Berapa harga you jual? Kak Teh nak order terlalu jauh sangat nak hantar, but am quite keen to order from my siblings in Bangi. Boleh tak?

Wiz said...

Hart - Well you too can call me Tuan, hu hu hu.

Adiejin - For the first time you are lost for words, not sure if that is good or otherwise...creepy.

Kak Teh, Sure! but you need to look at my other blog at for more pictures and prices. Thanks for dropping by. Nice having you here.

mamazieza said...

wiz... lama mama tak masuk ke rumah wiz ni.. wiz sibuk.. mama pun menyibuk.. hehehe...

alia said...

Thanx so much 4 d cupcakes during Chap Goh Mei/Feb birthday party! When I saw the cupcakes, it was deja-vu (remember those that Alia gv us 4 Teacher's Day!). Found out later they were from Adnin's mum. Put 2 n 2 together b4 I figured it out! (duh?!!) Just spend the whole afternoon reading your blog & I was blown away by the BEAUTIFUL creations! Had to wipe the drool off my keyboard, ok. I'm a chocoholic n anything-sweet-holic! Err..wanna trade cupcakes with pasta for Adnin? :> made spaghetti last Wed & was sorry he missed school that day :(
Now that I discovered u, u r in temp retirement pulak (sob, sob). Do u think u can swirl some, come 17 Mac (first day school reopens?) Please, pretty please? From Teacher Alia

Wiz said...

Don't worry teacher Alia, there's more where that came from. Was hoping that you would not find us out, so malu..he he he. But it was a matter of time that you would anyway, so I'm exposed!

Don't tell this to anybody, LOL, but you can order cupcakes from me anytime of the day, kinda teacher student specialty. SO the answer is yes!