Friday, February 22, 2008

True Blue

Flashes of blue have been keeping me company for the past week. The colour was very much evident not only in my cakes but mood as well as health. A lot of things are taking its toll on me, everything happening at the same time. As blue as the week was, I never left my seemingly bluish oven to complete my frozen cake orders and the muffettes. Some designs were repetitious hence their absence in this space of mine. Won't be blogging that much now people. There are things to do...

cakes to bake,
papers to write,
cupcakes to decorate,
nails to bite,

kids to clean,
gate to paint,
chicken to skin,
and everything else in between.


Thanks Nina for the order. I apologize for the shaky writing, I was under the influence of ubat batuk.

Thanks students for this order. Hope the party would be a success!

4 treats:

ms hart said...

Wiz, i love this song, Wiz! Hey, please don't sink too much into the blues!! hehehe...think of "Somewhere over the rainbow way, up high...."

U.Lee said...

Hello Wiz, how are you? Here's hoping you doing well in health and everything else.
Boleh saya pantun ke wiz....
Angin menderu menolak awan,
awan berarak hingga ke senja,
Mula berkenal lalu berkawan,
Berputik pula rasa cinta.
Tikar pandan tikar jerami,
Tikar dihampar sambul pendita.
Runtuh langit terbelah bumi,
Janji berpadu ke mana kita.
You have a nice day, Wiz, Lee.

Salina said...


I pray to allah that these difficult moments will pass soon. Be strong sis and take good care of yourself. You are doing too many things at the same time and you really deserve a good break! Wiz remember we are not that young anymore! I've already got myself a job and will write to you more about it. Too many things to tell but at the moment my plate is rather full.

Take care Wiz,


wiz said...

Tati - I love this song too, ingat masa sekolah dulu2. It cheers me up a bit when I listened to this song. Will try not to slip into the blue zone, but you need to come here more often to tickle me, he he he.

Lee - Pandai betul uncle ni berpantun, it shows that you are a true orang melaka(you are one aren't you) Thanks for dropping in to check on me. I love it when you leave words of wisdom for me. Thanks a bunch Lee.

Salina - My dearest friend. I'm ok Salina. Don't worry about me shrinking, I am on Provitron now so it makes me wanna eat all the time. I wish you all the best in your work, nanti tell me all about it k if you have the time.