Friday, February 1, 2008

Morning Lullabies

This cake was planned to be completed on Sunday with a totally different theme altogether. Kanggaroos were supposed to be jumping around on the cake with an Australian Flag as the backdrop. But, last minute call received on thursday summoned me to leave the kanggaroos in their native land behind, allowing them to bear the Australian flag on their own. After much discussion, it was decided that a car cake was to speed into the birthday bash surprising the birthday boys of two talented engineers. My friend Salina has asked for a jeep cake, but I chose the beetle instead, since I have never attempted it. It was a last minute cake and definitely with that last minute look of smudges and crookedness. This was the best I could come up with Salina, sorry!

I need to bolt now to prepare for my class tomorrow. Maybe I'll make them sit under a tree and let them have the sandwhiches (my daughter helped me make). Hopefully, when they are doing their exercises and munching away, I could steal a few shut eye whilst humming the morning lullabies.

Happy Birthday Mudzaffar!

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U.Lee said...

Hello Wiz, wow! Any more cakes left? Ada kopi? I say, I mesti pop in here more ladies who are gourmet cooks and enjoying cakes, especially Beetle car shaped cakes.
Have driven one, never eaten one...yet. Arhaaa ha ha.
Hey Wiz, you ada free time, and I mean free time...drop in my place for coffee and donuts and cream puffs.
Remember you wanted to be my, ha ha, secretary? I just concluded the cherita. 19 episodes in all.
You have a nice weekend, Wiz, and keep well, Lee.

Wiz said...

Hello back sir, you could really write! It takes a lot from me to just write a paragraph and you could just write and write, words oozing from every single pore! ha ha ha. Ok Sir. will drop by sometimes.

rinnchan said...

But this lady engineer baker could really assemble and install accesories to build a cutie beetle car !! And the best thing is is edible..Harga berapa madam ???

ms hart said...

Wiz!!! That Beetle is so gorgeous!! And about your day with Salina, that's how the time sprints when we are in great company, huh?!