Monday, February 25, 2008

Manic Monday!

My monday blues started very early for me, like 1.30 am early. I sewed my daughter's name tag on her school uniforms with both eyes hardly opened which took me hours for each tag. My husband was no where to be seen as he was at the mamak stall anticipating the football result between Chelsea and Spurs. My effort of smsing him was like playing badminton with my kids, in which my part is to serve to opponents who are never able to return my lame shots. I finished everything by 2.30am, slipped into my taichi and dozed off into a scary dream of me losing 80 percent of my teeth.

Morning arrived at a speed of an eye blink when you are tired. Hastily, I prepared my son to school and took a quick shower myself to go to work. I had to listen to my students' presentations this morning and that was a relief actually since I didn't prepare anything for class. The students were hilarious with their presentations, some sang out of tune, others recited poems whilst concentrating on the table and most of them were reading the text from their papers. After class, I rushed to the bank to withdraw some money for some urgent matters and due to the looooooooooong queue, I was late to pick up my son. Fortunately the teachers at the Kindergarten were very understanding and they even managed to nap him! He never takes a nap in broad daylight.

The moment I reached home, I switched on the oven and whipped up a batch of banana cake for a fellow blogger cum brother's friend cum celebrity cum funny guy on the blog cum Jin. His wife who is also a celebrity, Farahin, ordered a tray of muffettes from me and I was running out of ideas on how to decorate them really. Time like this makes you try extra hard and when that happens folks, the outcome is predictably disastrous! I baked Jin the cake since he once mentioned that he likes banana cake and it was also out of respect from a witch to a Jin...he he he.

The day has yet to end folks, I am still leaning agaist my kitchen counter and moulding gumpaste flowers, need to finish 320 of those small ones for another blogger Hart. Tommorrow is another busy day of class and baking. It's great to be busy, doing two things you love the most in this world. But the best thing to do at this point of time is another all time favourite of mine, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I would exchange anything for that now. Wanna swap?

Thanks Farahin! This is as colourful as I could think of.

Thanks Lyn!

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Akmal said...

Kak Wiz,
What a day your cakes are tempting as ever :) Today I am going to make my presentation. Not in front of you of course :) Heh, biology class can be a pain too :( Wish me luck ye.

ADIEJIN said...

Adiejin Says : Thanks for the banana cakerer. Belum makan sebab too kenyang tonight. Will makan tommorow : TQ Cantona for the delivery. You rock mannn...

Farahin Says : Yum...Cannot tahan the chocolate smell. Will curi a few before giving em out. Wonder if they will notice if a few is missing from the tray...and they are gorgeous. Thanks.

ms hart said...

ahaaaa!! no wonder you have not 'collected' the flowers i told you about...!!

Wiz said...

Akmal- Good luck in your presentation Akmal!!! I don't think you need it anyway, as you ooze with confidence already. After the do come here and collect some cakes from my place ya?

Adiejin - You haven't eaten the cake? Sini punya ration semua dah habis da! Many monkeys in the house.

Cantona says - I'm rocking I'm rocking! I almost fell asleep in the car. Rock never dies!!!!!

Farahin - Would love to see you guys last night but I couldn't leave the kids alone at home sleeping. Thanks so much for the order. Glad you liked it.

Tati - Yes, I was too busy making your flowers that I forgot to drop by your house to collect real ones. Put them in a vase for me will ya? Thanks.

Nora Ariff said...

exquisite bakes..exquisite english..been a fan of ur blog since i found that i have my own place, i've added u to my link too if u don't drop by ;)