Friday, February 15, 2008

Guilty In The First Degree

Cake leftovers are aplenty after each baking assignment in my little kitchen. I seldom keep the extra batter in the fridge for future use. Instead I would bake whatever that is left and let my kids enjoy them as much as they want. But most of the time, the leftovers are not of the best quality in terms of presentations. Uneven surfaces, cracks here and there but they were of course still edible. I would naturally select the best ones to be decorated for my customers.

There was one day, when I baked quite a lot of these muffettes (a name concocted by my nyah actually) and left half a tray on the kitchen counter. Before I went up to do my prayers and the laundry I called out to my children to inform them about the leftovers. They jumped and yayyed and I saw both of the skipping to the back. I then went upstairs. When I came down an hour later, I noticed the cakes were left as they were, not touched, not eaten and not moved. Curious, I questioned adik (he loves all my cakes and he has always been the culprit of my missing cupcakes)"...Titiyejene mama, ngapa tak makan kek2 ni, tak sedap ke?" with a forlorn look on his face he muttered "...seeeeeeeeedaaaap, tapi semua kek tu kek cantik, tak de yang buruk-buruk pun mama. Selalunya mama bagi kitaorang yang buruk2 je." Kakak said "...kitaorang takut nak makan nanti mama marah takut tak cukup"

I was.........tak tau nak cakap apa dah when I heard all their excuses. My throat felt as if there was a golf ball pushing its way through my esophagus. I felt a gush of water rushing down and I turned away quickly so that they didn't see me cry. The kids innocently continued watching the TV and they didn't say those words in a dissapointing tone, but as a matter of fact kinda tone, which made it even harder for me to swallow. I proceeded to the back with that stuck golf ball and all and put the muffettes on a fancy plate and brought the cakes immediately to the front. They were surprised that I allowed them to eat all the nice looking cakes and in no time at all finished half a tray of them. I couldn't bring myself to explain anything to them. I was guilty. Guilty in the first degree.

Ps. There a lot of times when we have been guilty at some point in our lives mendahulukan orang lain than our own flesh and blood. We scowl at them more than we do at other people. My husband is nicer with the people he works with than his own kids eventhough they treat him like pfftgfh! I am guilty too of that sometimes. But I promised the kids, I would once in a while decorate more beatiful cakes for them in the future instead of just leaving them with the ugly ones.

Cakes ordered by Hazlina. Thanks so much for ordering. Hope your kids love them.

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Akmal said...

I guess that happens to everyone. We do love and infact, with all our heart in fact. But the expression always goes wrong, and it takes a big smack in the head to realize it :(

Salina said...

You have brought up your children well Wiz. Both Iman and Adnin have very high EQ.

I had a delightful time bonding with Adnin when you were busy ironing clothes and let me tell you the boy is a real charmer!

For him, you are the most beautiful and magical woman on earth! Everything is mama this and mama that...who can blame him...

I have always put you on the pedestal for the admirable qualities that you have and the sacrifices that you made for your family because you really deserve all the compliments in the world. What ever challenges that you have to go through you always face them gracefully. Any god bestows upon you with amazing creativity! I love the swing that you placed at your kitchen's entrance for the whole family to play. Nobody would put the swing there except for you and what a joy i had swinging in the kitchen. And i miss the eye-popping projects that we did together when we were teaching those days (with gutsy Dunn)!

I'm glad that you have started teaching again.

It's okay to break down once in a while even superman in the movie cries too kay!

What ever you do, your kids know that you love them very much! Make them the most wonderful birthday cakes for their birthday wiz!

Your No 1 fan apart from your kids and hubby

Wiz said...

Akmal - I was brought up that way and I think the whole malay community still practices it. We always present the best to our guests, as a form of respect and it's not wrong to do that. Amongst family members pulak we tend to get comfortable with each other and use only the paling tak lawa crockery, lusuh baju tido, stained kain sprah and the list goes on. Sometimes, I guess we do need to pamper ourselves and our kids to use what we often give to our guests, the best of everything.

Wiz said...

Salina dearest,

You wrote so beautifully Salina and no one has ever arranged meaningful words as such like you just did. Thank you so much for what you have said and it couldn't come at a better time than now when I just received surat KPM for me to pay up one lump sum. My heart sank as I have written to them 299 times of why I couldn't pay up and asking them to reduce the figure. Of course they just dismissed my letters and there were times I had to bergolok bergadai to settle the debt.

With tears in my eyes now, I thank you again for lifting a little bit of my dampened spirit and I wish you the best of everything that life could possibly have for you and hubby.

yt said...

ya la...agree dgn akmal. a big smack in the head to wake us up stimes...

my kids pun stimes hv to be convinced a few times yg they can eat those nicely decorated cakes - "bukan siapa2 order punya..."