Thursday, February 28, 2008

A G"rinn" Long Over "Fon"due

A trip to my Saga class has never been a walk in the park kinda experience. It is more of a skip with one toe on a thorny path really. I am a passionate teacher, over zealous at times and one who over reacts between occasions. Passionate relates to my eagerness to get the lessons on a roll, painstakingly pushing them to understand the grammatical items at one breath. One breath in my context spans about three weeks(I am the current paling lama tahan nafas holder beating my husband effortlessly, he he he) and it is torturous for me to see the zero improvements from my students within that period of time. It doesn't help either to have stragglers in each class, disrupting the lessons and the concentrations of other students. As much as I wanted to be strict from day 1, I somehow couldn't bring myself to instilling discipline into these guys due to the various seemingly legitimate reasons supplied at each interrogation.

But today, was different. I decided to discontinue my tolerance towards these dilly-dalliers by locking the door at the strike of 10.30. I was more than lenient regarding punctuality folks as the class starts at 10am!! There were only 10 students in my class out of the full attendance of 25! At 11 am, more students started to turn up and everyone was flocking outside my class. There were a lot of noises and some even banged the door! My husband was just outside, and upon seeing all the commotion, he exploded. He practically chased the ones that were being plain rude out of the premise. (My hero!)

Immediately after my class, more students appeared in anger with hands flashing all over. I couldn't fathom a word there were saying and I was getting a tad worried over the matter. The worst thing was my hero wasn't around. In a flash, the majority of my class was somehow shielding me from this lunatic, defending me from all the accusations made by this fellow. The weird thing is, this guy does not even belong in my saga class. He thought I was mistreating his friends and was just trying to prove a point( will not elaborate the points here, panjang sangat la). Later, I was informed that this boy wasn't mad at me but at the whole institution cum the whole world cum the whole universe.(laughs)

You might question the choice of my Post Title of "grin and fondue". Well, after the uproar at work, I was surprised with a parcel addressed to me which made its way right to my doorstep. The parcel indeed shattered my shaken spirit and I was smiling back again especially after unearthing the content. My friend Rinn has definitely made my day by sending the Fondue set with a little gift tucked inside. I love them so much Rinn, thanks for the swift delivery despite my late payment. Rinn's page is worth the visit folks, she cooks up a storm every time. You will need a pen and paper as each visit will equip you with a new recipe, at least. Many thanks Rinn!
Presents from Rinn

3 treats:

zaitgha said...

hi Whiz,
my streamyx decided to take 2 weeks leave without approval and came to work only yesterday he he....nice posting and song....a dear friend once dedicated this song to me a long time ago...

there are people who thinks that the world is against them for whatever reasons....have a good weekend and take care

rinnchan said...

Hi Wiz,
Glad that the set has reached u safely. Never thot u would alert me by posting an entry of it. Thnx for letting me tumpang the limelight of ur page. Nice shot !! Looks like you guys were somewhere out of M'sia enjoying choc coated strawberries in some spring season..
Ahakkkss...the pins, hoped I've made the right choice for the 4 of you..A dad, a mom and their two wonderful kidz !!..

Wiz said...

Zaitgha - Love this song too. It could only say that we are soooo sezaman, he he he.

Rinn - Only to return the favour Rinn. And I am not a quater as famous as you. I don't generate that much traffic, unlike you, macam jam nak pergi keja pagi2! My kids love the pins. I couldn't identify the characters since I don't watch tv at all. But my kids knew right away. Thanks a bunch Rinn. Sweet of you.