Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Students...

Just to let you know how happy I was to be included in your little party today. I was in such a gloom prior to this event, working and baking like a robot without its batteries charged. When you ordered the cake from me, it took me hours to complete the whole do, dried of ideas, drained of energy, but for you, I still had them done in time. I woke up a little bit early in the wee hours of morning to finish up the remaining orders and to prepare some finger food for all of you just in case you didn't bring any. To my surprise there was more than the whole class could gobble up. The balloons did brighten up the mundane class and so did the banner. It was a gathering organized to celebrate one of your friends and amazingly I too experienced the warmth of all your sincere thoughts. I needed that.

Thanks again for sharing with me ...
your food, your time,
your youth, your smiles,
your effort, your energy,
your vigour and mostly your company.

your teacher

Happy Birthday Fadzillah!

Birthday class of 2008!

Now, enough with the balloons, go bury yourself in your ideas and give me the best presentations ever this Monday!

Ps. To the senior students, you are welcome to my class anytime.

3 treats:

ms hart said...

Good morning, teacher! You've got cakes, balloons, lots of other foods but you ain't got flowers, right? Go get them from my 'garden'..quick, quick...I've lots waiting for you there! Especially for you!(*grin)

Salina said...

Your entry and the pix make me miss teaching so much! I simply love working with the youngsters much energy, creativity and most of the time ever ready to explore and embrace new ideas....unlike the adults!

It's so so ..difficult to say 'goodbye' to teaching once your are a teacher!

It's just in us

suealeen said...

kak... tengok pic2 ni semo ingatkan saya pada zaman sekolah la.. how i miss all the memories.. masa zaman sekolah la saya dapat best friends sampai ke hari ni..

there's one English teacher - Mr Choong Nee Kim. he frequently sent me letters when i was in U. sometimes sent me cash also, "go and treat your friends". always complaining on my juniors. suddenly he stopped sending me mail and i really wonder where he is right now... another English lecturer also closed to me.. brought me home, stayed at her house, played with her son.. also disappeared to US and maybe has returned to malaysia. we lost contact! missnye kat deme...