Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes

My apologies folks for not updating sooner. I had too many things to do in such little time. Here are the cakes I managed to bake and decorate over these past few days. Will write as soon as I can.

An order from an avid blogger KC for her Mum. Thanks so much KC for the order and the warm hospitality at your Mum's place.

Thanks Su for this order. Mi amas vin for it!

Small Little muffettes for Linda, thanks so much Linda for the order!

Tickiling Fatihah with this pack. Made specially for the bubbly Fatihah. Thanks for trusting me with this order.

Shikien ordered these but were unable to fetch them due to chicken pox. I wish you speedy discovery Shikien and thanks a bunch for the order!

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KC said...

Hei ya Wiz!

It was certainly nice meeting you that nite - was looking forward to meeting u actually , that's why I delayed fetching the wedding cake that nite heh heh.

Everyone said the cake was very very pweeety - something out of the ordinary. And yup, the cake was yummylicious as well! Thanks so much!

Oh btw, I think u've got my blog address wrong there; that's another KC and not this KC! Heh heh..

elara said...

Hullabaloo Yummylicious Cakes!!
I could have placed an order if only i am back home.

kc said...

dear wiz;

i almost jolted from my chair when i read this latest post from yrs.

deary, are you sure it was moi who ordered the cake? i'm 150% sure that i didnt order the cake fr my mom. could it be the case of mistaken identity? probably we just had the same namesake.

whatever it is, i'm flattered that u had come up with such beautiful cake for my mom eventhough the cake has not reached to its rightful owner (in a sense)..tee hee hee


*psst, i had a good laugh this morning

KC said...

Hi Wiz!

It was certainly great meeting you that nite albeit the hurry hee hee. I actually delayed picking up the wedding cake from Ampang as I thought meeting you in person is a chance I shouldn't miss.

Glad to know that you found us all to be warm enough; the Perakian clans ha ha..only the Perakians aje yang akan guna 'tekad benang emas' stuff kan so U knew right away we are Perakians when u saw it that nite.

Hope to be able to meet up again one of these days, InsyaAllah. Everyone commented that the cake is soo pweeeety ; something out of the ordinary and also yummilicious!

oh btw, I think you've got the wrong KC blog addy there in your entry my dear. Not that KC, but this KC..hee hee...

Wiz said...

Oh gosh, this is so the embarrassmentation! Mistaken identity! Sorry both KC and kc for the mix up.

KC- I have corrected the link, and no wonder you don't match the personality I had all this while of kc. Thanks so much for the compliments. And so glad you liked the taste of the cake, my first time doing it.

kc - aiyoyo kc. I thot it was you ma! no wonder you didn't response when I asked about the cake. Soweeeeeeeeee. kc thanks for correcting me.

elara- thanks so much for your kind words. Whenever you are back in msia, just order k, I'm ready when you are!

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hi wiz! as always, very very pretty cake for a queen....


wiz, I suka betul tgk birthday cake tu, how big is the cake? & of course nak tanya how much $$?

. said...

Hey.I would like to order cupcakes from you.

Is there any way to contact you>?