Sunday, January 13, 2008

When You Wish...

I consider myself so fortunate and privileged folks, to be able to see the delighted expressions on all of the birthday kids, of young and old, I presented my cakes to. The joy, the excitement it ignites would make the new year fireworks celebrations a boring spark in broad daylight. Each smile received is therapeutic for me, sort of the food for the soul which could have attributed to my youthful vigour(giggles, perasan!) Therefore, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to customers, who have become friends of Wiz, a big thank you for all your support and generous gestures. You have in turn meaningfully, make my wish come true ten folds back.

I would have to do a lil curtsy now and bow out for this might be my last entry. Moments after this, would probably contain only pictures of cakes that I managed to bake in between stuff. Sadly, I would have to end my musing and ranting of this old tree, to avoid misunderstandings of fellow readers. I have a few more cakes to create and deliver next week before I start teaching again. So to the visitors of a whiz, to you I render my thanks too, for accompanying me in this breathtaking journey. You were a good listener, the friend in my darkest and brightest hour, the cup of warm chocolate milk who kept me company and sat through with me all these nights. To you, I thank you!

*If I don't write anymore, it could only mean I am well and busy.

Thanks Annis for the order!

13 treats:

mamazieza said...

Good luck Wiz to ur new job.. hope you will enjoy it.... as much as you enjoyed working from home.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Hi WiZ, again, tons of luck my dearest friend! Hv fun, i am sure u r gonna enjoy what u do. Do write and tell us all about it when your time permits u to = ) Hugs!

Sugar said...

Kak, love the pocoyo one, if ever my son have a peak on those, he'll scream for one.. hehe.. I just got to know this blog and you'll be on hiatus pulak, aiyak, whatever it is, we'll be waiting for you rite here :)

Wiz said...

Mamazieza - Thanks for your sweet wishes. Willl bring it with me to work.

Mush - Will also saddle all the luck you blew to me Mush and will keep you posted.

Sugar - As sweet as your name is, your kind words are even sweeter. Thanks for dropping by.

kc said...

awww..shuck! regret to see u leaving the blogland for now. sure gonna miss yr cake antics...huwaaa!

mak farhah said...

ur hasil tgn memang superb la kak wiz. mcm2 idea keluar.

always admire ur work!

u info k wiz, some of my pic d blog/fp kdg hubby y amik specially makanan,gambar farhah selalunya sylah y tembak2. kdg2 tu cubaan baik mengena la.

Dr Faiz, bukan my bro. my hubby best friend. kira mcm sedara juga 4 our family. so humble n memang betul ckap k wiz tu. but then 4 sure ada hikmah di sebalik apa y jd. org ramai takkan tertipu..mrk tau nak menilai.

ADIEJIN said...

sigh...anyway, good luck in teaching. Teach as creative as u bake and spice up the lifes of the people u gonna teach.

sigh...guess end of the wiz to our wizzings out here. Will wizzingly miss the wizzly cakes( the pics lah..sebab tak pernah rasa em cakes ) wizzing to bed now. Farah wizzed 3 hrs ago already. No wizzing around for us tonight. Maybe 2morrow night can wiz wiz with her a bit..

Wiz said...

Jin- Ngok ngek la awak ni Jin, ha ha ha. Anyway back to all the wizzing, reading at a glance seems like you guys have acute asthma, wheezing all the way. I feel you bro, I feel you! Got asthma too!

U.Lee said...

Hi Wiz, hey, you retiring from blogging? Gosh, no chance offer you coffee and donuts?
Anyway Wiz, I wish you well, good health and much smiles, sunshine and happiness, and good sales too.
Good lock, and best regards, UL.

Dr Ezura said...

hai kak wiz...thanx for dropping by my blog..u have a wonderful blog urself with a very wonderful and mouthwatering cakes here..!!!how i wish i could do my cakes like urs...keep it up!!

read about ur story regarding b/feeding...not everybody have a smooth journey of experiencing long as u try and pray hard for it to succeed, leave the rest to HIM...i'm sure He knows what's best for u...anyway, never give up and keep on trying for ur nx babies... ; )

ms hart said...

wiz dear, I'm just about to get to 'know' you better!! and you are 'leaving'??? aiya...please let this be just a short break, ok? sementara nak adjust-adjust new schedule je, ok? all the best, wiz!

p/s kengkawan office hubby i baru je nak 'oooh' 'aaah' tengok your sweet creations!! Kalau dekat, sure dah lama 'serang'!!

Wiz said...

Sir lee - eh got chance what? still got one. Remember I want to work for you? You could buy me all the coffee and donuts you want when that happens, not cakes tho.

Dr Ezura - Thanks for dropping by. I have been trying trust me to the point of insanity. But I will again try no doubt next time.

Hart - You can still get to know me by reading my previous posts. I do so hope too that this would be temporary. Somethings I said in the post before this got me into trouble. But then again, I was simply relating (not complaining) the truth. But some people just like to pounce on others, so be it.
Do drop by again. If I were to come down to Melaka, I will bring some cakes for you k.

Family of Cooks said...

Dear Ka Wiz,
I understand your situation and wish you all the best in your teaching career!Tapi kalau ada waktu blog lah ya!
Take Care