Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two Salinas in A Row!

Many moons ago I received orders from two Zizis back to back. This week's orders charted from two different Salinas : Salina Salim and Salina Sahil. Both are equally beautiful in their own right, ordering cakes for their loved ones. Salina Salim from Manchester had pretty cupcakes sent to her mother and Salina Sahil requested lovely cupcakes for her sweet daughter on her 12th Birthday Bash at Kinrara Golf Club. Heartfelt thanks to both of you from Wizcakes®. May happiness serenade the birthday occasion you are celebrating. Below are pictures of Firzana the birthday girl as well as all the birthday cupcakes.

Happy Happy Birthday Firzana! Pink suits you sweetly!
Warmest Regards
Aunty Wiz

10 treats:

Family of Cooks said...

Dear Wiz
Wow your cupcakes are soo pretty and very inspiring! Thanks for your advice regarding the cupcakes will try it out this weekend...nak cuba buat design girly-girly for my niece's birthday. Take care and Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah!

wan said...

kak, sangat comel all the design, me likey! I bet ur biz calnedar is always full ya.. i like the butterfly one, and te first one, the colours so nice, pastel. I am inspired! But not going to do cuppies at the moment, got orders from mr h for cizkek pulak.

kc said...

i want u to know that i am here almost everyday just to salivate at yr cupcakes when i have nothing to comment about.


ADIEJIN said...

i figured it out just don't bake em cakes...u created them..u r an artist actually..

Wiz said...

Jt- was glad to share a tip or two. Happy baking!

Wan - You are on your way to amke a name for yourself in Penang. Preservere!

KC - Can't wait to do the cake for you. Email me your add k. Will whip a good dense custardy cake for you! and mom of course the star of the day!

Adiejin - Of all the comments you've spent your time here to write, I like this one the most! kalau tak tu nak suh orang jual anak la, beranak la, dan mcm2 lagi. But for you to come and pay me a visit pun, dah terharu gua! But in the near future won't have time to blog a lot since I have accepted a job somewhere. Less caking, less chatting less blogging and less adiejining!

Kak Elle said...

i have to shut my eyes whenever I come here....beautiful decors as usual wiz:)

U.Lee said...

Hello Wiz, was over at KC's place having coffee noticed your callsign, 'Wiz'. Always a busybody, I pop over take a peek.
Holy Smoke! I've never seen so many lovely and colourful cupcakes. I love them too.
Enjoyed reading your eloquent posting here, but regret to read you ada asthma? You take it easy, Wiz. I can imagine this health problem as have a few friends here similar too. Betul lecheh.
Anyway, here's hoping you doing fine, and you have a wood weekend, best regards, UL.
ps, here kalu nak chari pasal, call someone a "cupcake", and can be assured of an unschedule visit to the dentist. Ha ha. Unless you a fast runner. UL.

Wiz said...

Mr Lee sir,
So sweet of you to spend time and leave a few words here. I am overwhelmed actually. Do come again if you have the time, I know you being busy and all, but a visit from you would make anyone's day.

ms hart said...

Salam Wiz, my first time here and ternganga besar write so well, you bake so well, you decorate the cake so well....slurp...terliur lah pulak...!! Keep going, lady! Will definitely drop by here more often!! So eventho you'll be busy with your new schedule i hope you'll still have time to blog, ya? All the best!

Wiz said...

Ms Hart, thanks for dropping by. It was a treat visiting your blog too.