Monday, January 7, 2008

A Strong Word

"I hate him, I hate him!" exclaimed Iman.
"Who do you hate so much ni" I looked at her in bewilderment out of the sudden outburst.
"Adik la Mama" she burst out again.
"Why do you dislike him so much? What has he done now?"
"Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Tak suka la adik tu!" was the only reply I got.
Iman stormed upstairs mumbling, grumbling and squealing nonsensically with the word hate in between. I said..."Iman, don't use the word hate, how many times must I tell you?!" My eyes were scanning the rooms for the little brother, keen to see what he was up to. As I moved to the front, I saw the fridge's door ajar, trails of jelly I made on the floor with the hand towel hung on one of the chairs which led to Adnin enjoying a glass of the last jelly which the sister saved for herself.
My daughter has always been the type who saves the best for last, and one who savours the things that she likes trying to keep them as long as she can. Unlike adik, he gobbles everything up and then tries his luck begging for other people's share. There were always equal amount of whatever I made to ensure that they don't fight but fight is what they ended up with most of the time. I tried telling Iman to finish her treats quickly as fast as Adnin so that there won't be anymore to quarrel about, but it fell on deaf ears.
It was the same old storyline when I was a child, fighting over food with my Nyah and of course I lost all the time! He took, seized, kidnapped, yanked, stole captured whatever I was holding and if I tried to put up a fight he would say"...nak buat cara baik ke or cara kasar?" What choice did I have then, I was small he was bigger. Though there were times when I did put up a fight in my own special ways of course. No, I didn't cry nor did I hit him. I just went into his room when he was out to play, and hid all his underwear! ha ha ha, till there was none to wear. And if I were angry at my yeop I would drop his favourite hairbrush in a pail of water, to which he would run amok after. It was hilarious. Despite of all the quarrelling and fighting and underwear treasure hunting, I never hated my brothers, even if I forced myself to. Boys will always be boys. It's somehow a standard mechanism in them to make their sibling's' life miserable. I tried talking to Iman about the world order of brothers agonizing sisters' lives and that she is not the only one suffering from this predicament. I related to her of all the stories of my childhood, how tormented and misrable I was and after each story she would laugh.
"Why did you laugh Iman?" hoping for her to see the point of my stories here.
" It's so funny!" and I said..."It wasn't funny then to me." She was still laughing with adik also chuckling not knowing what the sister was laughing about. "But Pakngah and Ayeop were funny mama!" If you think that they were funny, why couldn't you think your brother was funny too? The talk about "how brothers may irritate you at first but actually they colour your life " soon followed after. She seemed to understand at first, but with adik still poking her with his light saber from the back whilst I was explaining it to her didn't help to facilitate the whole point, ha ha ha. "Hate is a strong word", I continued..."please try not to use it, especially with your family members or friends. You may use, don't like, dislike, disapprove, but not hate ok?" She didn't nod her head instantly but was just staring at her brother and finally said ..."I don't like him very much!" Her brother was making all these silly looking expressions on his face when I jolted..." But Iman, how could you not like a face like that?" Then all of us laughed really hard.

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

This current song, defo perked my monday morning Wiz! Thx! Terkejut jugak all of a sudden ade rock song blasting out of the pc heheheh, U r one very good mother Wiz! Iman & Anin very very bertuah betul dapat ibu cam u ni. Gambar your new baby mana?? is it a bigger oven?? Hugs for a great week Wiz! Nanti ceritakan ok about your new stint!

ADIEJIN said...

aiyah...same with me..terkejut keluar lagu Joan Jet..Speaker tengah kuat lak tuh.. Anyway, susah susah kalu, bikin satu lagi anak alah... itu dua worang kasik jual sama keling botol.. ahaks.. so sinister ah me..

Wiz said...

Mush - Great song to perk up your day kan? I am just a regualr normal mother la Mush, nothing special. But thanks for the compliments. I think you are a great one too! I will start teaching foreign students in a local U next week! I don't know how I am gonna fair, I haven't taught for quite sometime. Wish me luck.

Adiejin - Aiseh man Jin, masalah problemnya, kelin botoi pu tak nak jin! I guess they are for keeps for better for worse. If you read my Tree of Hope entry I did mention of having another baby if ada rezeki. I wrote something about you giving me a book also. Go read it la!

rinnchan said...

Wiz ajar apa??
Don't tell me you teach baking..heh heh heh..

Wiz said...

Rinn - Ajar baking Rinn? It's me who needs to be taughtla Rinn! I so need to go to classla.

mamazieza said...

Anak2 pompuan mama pun nama mereka Iman... Noriman Diana & Noriman Nadia.. wink