Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Prose of A Rose

A rose relates a bountiful of emotions,
it renders the feeling of warm affections.
It offers love when the heart says desire,
a devotion of passion never ceases to tire.

A rose is handed in other occasions,
after a hard work completing a mission,
or a simple gesture to express gratitude,
of accomplishing a task with such magnitude.

A rose is wrapped prettily with ribbons,
offering the unwell a piece of heaven,
it says get well soon we miss you so,
hope you would be up and about tomorrow.

A rose relays messages of such decree
expressing congratulations or even I'm sorry,
All that it is able to say, it says it well,
from the smiling faces, right away you can tell. :o)


Thanks Wati for the order!

Ps. My camera has gone bonkers. I'm using my sister's camera which functions are not familiar to me. Hence the bad photo.

7 treats:

M A Janssen said...

The pics look great Wiz (& so do the cakes). La Vie En Rose is my new fav song - I saw the trailer of the movie of the same name & I can't stop listening to it now on UTube!

Mis's Creative Cakes said...

Hi Wiz, so sweets ur rose, what is the size for ur cup it look big. i like the colour wiz.

Wiz said...

Kak Mis, thanks for dropping by. I used the normal souffle cup. Bila tangkap gambar nampakla macam besar. Thanks, itu je bunga yang tau buat pun.

Norwati said...


Thank you so much for making such a lovely cup cakes for my cousin's engagement last week. Semua orang puji the cake and the best was the most outstanding one as compared to other hantaran.

I will definitely place an order soon..nak juga rasa kek yang Wiz buat :)

Wiz said...

Hi Wati, I loved doing the cupcakes you ordered as I adore pastels on cakes, not on me though. Would love to do other cakes for you, just leave me a message and I get it done right away, a week's notice at least of course. Thank you so so much for the order!


elo wiz,
first time kat sini, berdegup jantung saya tgk your deco...cantikkkk.....

mak farhah said...

alahai, so sweet, menawan kalbu lah k wiz. kalau dekat dah lama menempah