Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Times of Relish and In Piles of Rubbish

My number one blog visitor is here! However, it is only for a short visit as she has to return to Manchester next week. My time to spend with her was extremely limited due to her tight schedule. The only time she could slot me in, misrably fell on a weekday. I am someone who is constantly in between errands and planning the best out of the outing was awfully challenging. The best itinerary I could offer was to invite her to take a ride with me whilst doing all my daily chores of that day. She agreed.

I picked Salina up at 8.15am right after sending my son to his kindergarten. The first stop for that day was the nearby park. Salina has been kept curious for more than a year now after reading my entry on the quaint little park. She was so eager to snap pictures of the flowers, the fish, the zigzag bridge. I normally make time to stroll around the park on my off days from class, brisk walking and body bending, picking up the rubbish around me as I pass through. This has been my routine for the past one year in solitude, but on this special trip, I had an entourage with me, lending me a hand with the strewn rubbish. Every single straw, tissue paper, snack and sweet wrapper was dilligently picked up and disposed off properly. I applaud Salina for her willingness to do this with me, considering that she wasn't dressed appropriately for the occassion.

Moistened with morning dew on our faces and drenched with the salty water of our sweat, all sticky and wet, we decided to call it a day and headed to a Malay Restaurant for breakfast. We both feasted on big servings of laksa and downed it with teh o limau. Aahh, what a treat for both of us, savouring our favourite dish for breakfast.

Salina followed me back to my house afterwards and we spent most of the time chatting, catching up on lost times, teaching and learning to set up a blog, and cooking. I wasn't prepared to cook her anything special, I din't think she could stay long. But as lunch time emerged out of nowhere, I hastily prepared lunch, the simplest and the quickest way I knew how. The outcome was simple but enjoyable at least to Salina's friendly tastebuds. After lunch she continued working with her new set up blog and I had to run upstairs to settle the laundry, and completing other house chores.

I had to go out again to fetch my daughter from her standard sports practice at 6pm and that's when we said out goodbyes. It wasn't a day of movies and drinks&cakes at the cafes but it was a day of including each other in the simplest and meaningful activities. Through the times of relish or even in piles of rubbish, when two good friends meet, they just click...or tick each other off, he he he. I hope I didn't tick you off salina for making you collect all the rubbish.

Thanks Salina for the company.

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Buat che jeles jah hang berdua... kalau cam ni, if i am in KL next, che pun sanggup lah buat apa pun as long as get to hang out with u = ) That bowl of laksa and cup of teh looks so inviting! Keep your fingers crossed, getting me results tonight!

mamazieza said...

Next time when u and salina need to exercise.. just come over to my apartment and pick wutever rubbish and throw out for me.. hehehe

Wiz said...

Mush - I will be waiting for your visit mush. You nak makan apa just ckp je, your wish is my command. You'd do just fine la mush, you've been studying hard.

Mama - Kalau luar drp KL wiz kenakan delivery charge, just like cakes, he he he. Bukan saja sampah, dengan mama, mama sekali kita orang angkut!

tulipurple said...

wow!sggh murni hati org itew...wat keje amal diam2 gitu.bravo!
org kata kualiti yg penting dr kuantiti...eventhou padat jadualnye,but both of u managed to spend time together...all of sudden i miss my bestfren so much,huhu.

p/s:rasa2 this wkend ada new pic of cake tak?

Wiz said...

Tulipurple - All my orders slalunya during weekends. This weekend and next week I am quite filled up due to the holidays. On normal days I sell my standard chocolate cakes, with no design whatsoever. SO I do not put the pictures up here.

Weekend ni be sure to stay tune, got a few tricks up my sleeve.

ADIEJIN said...

uish..wa tak sanggup pi kutip sampah. walaupun dapat upah kek ker lunch ler.. rather rebus maggie kat umah..

Wiz said...

No Jin, I didn't exactly ask her to kutip, I was the one yang kutip sampah yang dibuang oleh orang yang kurang bijak di sana sini. But she wanted to...I think. And there was no reward involved, in forms of cake or lunch. Like I said I was merely including her in my routine. Kalau semua orang pandai buang sampah Jin, tak yah la I pergi susah kutip orang lain punya sampah. The thing is even the educated ones with stickers of their overseas universities terlekat kat belakang keta pun keluarkan tangan buang sampah. I despise those species, seriously. Teruk2 je blajar sampai universiti, basic practice macam tu pun blur! Kesian kan.

wan said...

U r such a good citizen, kak! not all people can go n kutip sampah like that, including me hehehe..

Happy decorating the cakes, can't wait to see ur cakes, kak :) Me also busy quite a bit, still not use to the routine of running the biz, but am enjoying myself. Especially that part of meeting new people - i havent been doing that for quite a long time since I resigned. Sekarang rasa syok can make new frineds indirectly :) And also the joy of seeing their expression upon seeing the cupcakes - priceless. Walaupun saya buat tak la cantik mana :P

Eh termenceceh.. sorry!

.annisa. said...

Kak Salina was back in Msia!!

Oh I miss her so!!

Kak Wiz, looking at them cupcakes, rasa mcm nakkkk sgt2.. :)