Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Together!

"I am getting rusty at teaching!" is my morning chime now, everytime I have to wake up and peel myself off the bed and get ready to drive back to class and teach. I have been imparting grammar tales to non speaking English students for more than a week now, and have yet to warm up the engine of this antique car. There are a lot of differences in teaching, 5- 7 years ago and now. For instance, I didn't tire easily then. I worked long hours, sometimes teaching extra time late into the night, standing and pacing around the class. The chair was merely posing as my handbag and my files' stand. My voice was also crispier and clearer and I was hardly down with sore throats. At present, I am consumed by exhaustion after each class and gripped with that gritty sensation where the vocal chords are located. I'm not quite certain exactly to the cause of this lethargy. It probably lies in the set of the zero English speaking students I'm teaching or the fact that I'm multi tasking between baking, delivering, housewifing, tutoring and ferrying my kids around. Or's me getting old and weary. Whatever the reasons might be, I have to admit that I kinda enjoy teaching again. It's truly the power held at the tip of the marker pen that does it for me. I hope I don't have to fling it, targetting those inattentive students at the back row. Let's just be happy together kids, me and you in class.

Another set of guys and gals to face tomorrow and this time I'm bringing cupcakes. Maybe that will keep them in their seats a little bit longer. Where's that Azar book now?

Doyle inspired

Happy Birthday Sweet Fitriyah!

Thanks so so much Kak Rogayah for the order.

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Hi Wiz, dah lama tak nampak hang dok mai blog che. Hang baik kah? Boleh handle your latest juggling act Wiz?? Take care of your health ler babe, kalau hang sakit semua orang susah. Hugs miss our chats! = )

wan said...

Kak, even me reading this, rasa mcam tercungap, so I guess u must be 50x lethargic than that? Can't imagine if I were in your shoes, mesti pengsan! Even now I am flat tired upon finishing baking n icing etc (tak byk lagi pun!).. and ur students are so lucky to have a tutor who bake cupcakes for them.. (buleh jugak ajar saya yg englishnya selalu broken habis n grammar x yah cakap, ke laut hehe)

Happy for u kak, though a bit hectic now, as long as u r happy!

ms hart said...

Wiz, your passion will keep you going!

Pak Idrus said...

wiz, I am indeed glad that you start teaching English. The future of Malaysian depend very much on English, the language of commerce and knowledge. If you do not master English you just could not read a good book to broaden you horizon. Globalization made it more so. Have a nice day and take care.

ADIEJIN said...

wizzy, wizzoo your days away with zikirs. Insyallah you wizz be wokaz.

Wiz said...

Mush - Thanks for your concern, I am still around but I have to steal time to blog and check my emails now. I do visit you from time to time, but sometimes, just couldn't find the time to jot down something. Keep well Mush.

Wan - I see that you have become famous in Penang! ...and you said orang Penang tak makan cupcakes.

Miss Hart - Inspiring people like you keep me going.

Jin - I don't need your monyet yang pandai baca surat khabar tu anymore la bro, coz I have classrooms full of them already now, he he he. But I reckon, your monyet tu lagi bijak drp monyet2 I ni.