Monday, January 7, 2008

From Manchester with Love

My dearest friend Salina ordered these for her Mum's birthday all the way from Manchester. She emailed me a picture she fancied from the net and instructed me to duplicate the design. The design is Kylie Lambert and Zalita inspired but of course theirs were so much more impeccable. So Kylie and Zalita if you guys are reading this, you are such an inspiration!

Thanks Salina for the order!

5 treats:

M A Janssen said...

These look gorgeous!!!!

Siti Salina said...

Thanks a zillion wiz. they are so gorgeous. Too beautiful to be eaten!

wan said...

Kak, Indeed they are too beautiful to be eaten, boleh simpan dalam almari ni kak!

Zalita's work mmg amazing lah , just brwosed thru from the link you've given. Now i'm inspired tpp (but don't have the talent).

Wiz said...

Stay inspired and you can adopt ideas from other people. But make sure to acknowledge the person who you took the ideas from. Even a little tiny bit pun, just give a mention. I despise plagarism.

wan said...

Yela kak, u r rite, I'll do that :)