Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flashcards Flashbacks

As I was enthusiastically flashing my cards away to a group of confused students just now, I noticed their indifference towards some of the pictures used. The cards were large and colourful with pictures of simple nouns that they could easily identify. There were pictures of aeroplane, broom, flowers, glove, birthday cake, balloons, etc. Since I bake and decorate cakes for a living, naturally, when it comes to flashing the cake card, I was more animated than usual. But...they weren't as responsive and as cheery as I had thought they would be.

Teacher : Alright class, what's this?

Students : Cake.

Teacher : Well, it's not just a cake, it's a birthday cake!( I was already on my high end shrieking happy note voice)Do you celebrate your birthday with a cake, and what type of cake?

Students : No teacher. We don't celebrate birthday.

Teacher : You don't even get presents from family?

Students : No, birthdays are like any other day for us. (frowning)

Teacher : So, you have never had a birthday cake before? (in shock)

Students : No.

Moments later, with no self restrictions and self control whatsoever over the horizontal opening just below my nose I found myself saying " know what guys? I am Soooo going to give you a cake each for your birthday!" You should see the look of these guys! They were beyond elation, euphoria and all the happiness equivalent words combined. And you should actually see my Face! It was "...what have I just committed myself to?!?"

Here's the breakdown of the cost:

Cakes = Rm (Have yet to be calculated)
Beautiful Expression on students' faces = (as cliche as this may sound)
Truly Priceless!

Am I going to keep my word? You betcha I would!

Well maybe not with something like this

but more like this, he he he.

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kc said...

kesian dorang tak pernah dapat kek! i can imagine the look on their face when u said that...just like small kids when being told they were getting presents...har har har!

kalo dah minat wat kek tuh, ngajor pun mesti ada relation ngan kek gak...teehee

tulipurple said...

salam sis,
u'r truely a good teacher!and also a pure cakebaker..hehe betul ke grammar sy tu teacher?
would u like to open class for person like me who like to learn abt baking? :-))

Wiz said...

Kc - One a teacher, always a teacher and once a baker, I guess always a baker.

Tulipurple - I would love to teach, but not for now. Maybe bila dah penuh ilmu di dada, yes. Thanks for the visit.

mamazieza said...

I would love a cuppies too.. huhuhu

Wiz.. mama was really walking on cloud 9 today.. dah laa ngan kepala pusing with all the work to be done.. baru sat dok bising ngan akitek.. tell him off not to disturb me.. i'll give him what he wants wheever I'm free.. tetiba lepas tu dapat tpon dari "UK" huhuhu...memula tu.. ishhh.. malasnya nak jawab fon.. sebab tak kenal number.. tapi.. being me.. i'll answer it even kalau dok depan bos sekali pun.. hehehe...

Sampai sekarang ni pun.. mama masih rasa.. sooooo soooo happy, excited, so proud... to get a call from someone yang mama kenal baru sat dan kenal pun melalui alam cyber...

thanks salina for calling me.. and thanks wiz.. for giving my number to her.. seb baik mama tak saman tau.. hehehe..

how i wish kalau salina lambat balik ke UK.. boleh laa mama lari sat ke rumah wiz dan berjumpa ngan you all berdua.. hehehehe.. lari tauuuu....boleh sampai ke ekkk.. heheheh. setakat ke kl dan selangor boleh laaa.. kalau ke UK ngan Ostolia tu.. huhuhu.. kena naik belon... hehehe

Wiz said...

Mama, salina asked me, tak pe ke call mama masa time kerja ni, wiz cakap, mama tu taiko, call je, he he he. Sorry for giving her your number without asking you, but if I were to tell you, it would not be a surprise. Glad to make your day. Hope to be able to see you one day together with Salina. She'll be going back next tuesday, will only come back this october, so maybe then we will try to have a meet k. Ok mama, keep well!

rinnchan said...

Hik Hik Hik....feel like you are actually teaching or should I say dealing with a group of kindy's kidz !!! Perhaps..kena play play syikit and incorporate some musics elements kot...Just to add fun !!